Healthy hair tips: Ten easy rules to follow

Healthy hair is important to all of us, whether we have short or long locks; curls, waves or poker straight hair. Minimising breakages and maximising natural shine is not only important for the health of our hair, but also how it looks. There are endless fancy (and weird) regimes and products out there for healthy hair (bull semen hair treatment, anyone?), but you can get healthier hair much more easily than that!

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Ten quick tips for healthier hair

Stop curls from droppingThe right hair products will work wonders for your hair. Who knows how many different brands of shampoo and conditioner we had to try before finding the right one! If you’re after Cheryl’s shine or Angelina Jolie’s healthy, lengthy locks, great products aren’t all you need. We can all make small changes to our haircare routines and lifestyles to revitalise our hair. Luckily, most of these adjustments will cost you nothing – and might even save you a few pennies to put towards Christmas prezzies.

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Five overnight beauty tips

Five overnight beauty tipsThese days women are spending as much time getting ready to go to bed as they do getting ready to go out, which is hardly surprising given that there are now just as many night creams available as there are day creams! If you’re fed up of waking up with puffy eyes, messy hair and blemishes, we can help. We’ve done our research and found some top beauty tips that will ensure you wake up looking and feeling fabulous. We’d always wondered how Sleeping Beauty managed to wake up looking flawless after being asleep for a hundred years and now we’ve finally sussed it – she’d clearly heard about these fantastic overnight beauty cosmetic tips! Continue reading

Haircare dos and don’ts: For Him and Her

Shiny haircare

Your cosmetic routine should be specifically tailored to get the best from your facial attributes, but all the makeup in the world can’t make you look your best if your hair is having a shocker. If your face is an exquisite renaissance portrait, your hair should be the gilt-edged frame that holds the whole look together, but haircare is all too often undervalued, by both men and women. Here’s what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing to get the best from your barnet.

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How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle

Perk up your style with these stunning new looks to wow your friends and co-workers this year!

How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle
Women across the country are pampering and preparing themselves to go out and make a splash at cocktail events, office dos and get togethers week after week. We’ve already shown you how to perfect that classic smokey eye and rock some stylish nail art, but we’re not done yet. You may have your dress and makeup sorted already, but what about your hair?
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