A beginner’s guide to eyeliner types

eyelinerIf you’re a newcomer to the world of makeup, the sheer number and variety of cosmetic products can be overwhelming. Finding the right foundation for you can take a dozen attempts, and you’ll spend many an hour browsing the lipstick on the Direct Cosmetics webstore to search for your perfect shade. At first, eyeliner may seem much easier to get to grips with – most of us will be after the same basic colours – but as a beginner you’ll need to understand which type of eyeliner works for you. Eyeliner is one of the most powerful tools in your makeup bag – learn the basics and start to master it! Continue reading


What is the best eyeliner shape for you?

1 - Eyeliner I

Eyeliner is a staple used in many stunning makeup looks, but how do you know which style will really make your eyes pop? Some styles will help to round out oval eyes, while others will help provide more width to narrow eye shapes. We’re going to take a look at the best styles for different faces, along with some handy hints for top beauty buys to make the most of these simple yet effective techniques. Continue reading

Taming the trends: metallic ombré eyes


2 - Metallic eyeliner

There are some cosmetics trends that we’re glad to see the back of (drawn on eyebrows, anyone?), but then along come trends that we instantly adore and secretly hope will stick around for decades to come. Ombré has been everywhere in the past couple of years. If you’re out of the loop, ombré is simply a posh word for a gradient of shade or colour, changing from light to dark. You’ll have seen the term used in many different areas of beauty, but today we’re going to take a look at ombré eyes. There are hundreds of different ombré eye looks out there, but we’re going to talk about our favourite – metallic ombré eyes. Here at Direct Cosmetics, we adore metallics – and we’re delighted to see that they’re on trend once more. Metallic ombré eyes are a classy and sophisticated way to use metallics – and it’s a look that can be achieved at minimal expense!

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