Stock up for summer: eight products to top-up on now

Summer is almost here! This year, the UK got an early taste of summery weather, which had us all desperately searching for last year’s sunscreen. If you felt unprepared for 25 degree heat in April, you weren’t alone!  The weather was definitely a reminder to stock up on summer beauty products, and go through last year’s stash and throw away anything that’s out of date. Here are the products that should be on your shopping list. Continue reading


The essential cosmetics for a perfect holiday

No holiday packing list is complete without those cosmetic essentials that will keep you looking gorgeous throughout your vacation.  Whether you’re attempting to beat the British drizzle by hitting the slopes for a spot of skiing, or fleeing the continent altogether to soak up the rays in sunnier climbs, don’t even think of boarding that plane before you’ve stocked up on your essential budget cosmetics. Continue reading

How to: soothe your sunburn

Sun protectionWe’ve all done it. We’ve all stayed out for too long during Britain’s brief summer, or forgotten to reapply sunscreen because we were having too much fun at the beach. If you’re prone to burning rather than tanning, you’ll know how painful (and embarrassing) sunburn can be. You’re destined to spend weeks with itchy, peeling skin, and perhaps even months with a reddened complexion!

Although prevention is preferable to cure when it comes to sunburn, there are still some measures you can take to make sunburn a little more bearable – and perhaps even accelerate the healing process.

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Are you set for summer? How to prep your makeup bag for the summer months


Straw hat, bag and sun glasses  on a tropical beach

Summer is almost upon us! No doubt your thoughts have turned to a long-planned summer holiday, lazy days at the beach or weekends spent sunbathing in the park. As the seasons change, the makeup and skincare products you use should change too, because different types of product are suited to different weather conditions.

If you need to stock up on beauty products for the summer months but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a quick guide on how to prep your makeup bag for the summer months.

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Winter getaway cosmetics: what to pack in your travel bag

Winter sunPlanning to jet off for sand, sun and sea, or perhaps for some skiing this season? If you’re lucky enough to be taking some time off over the next month or so, no doubt you’ll already be planning your outfits – but don’t forget to consider your choice of makeup and cosmetics, too! Even when we only spend a few nights away, there’s never quite enough room in the suitcase – and then we have to decide what to take in our hand luggage, too! If you don’t know what to pack in your travel bag, we’re here to help…

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Anti-aging skincare tips for every decade

wrinkleworriesPreventing or reversing aging is a dream for many of us! Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time just yet, so we’ll have to make do with tackling the signs of the aging process. Your skin is where the aging process is first noticeable, so it’s little surprise that anti-aging skincare products are so popular. If you think you’re too young for these types of products (or you think it’s too late!) then think again. There are measures we can all take to improve the health of our skin and reduce the effect of aging, regardless of which decade you’re in.

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Ten self-tanning tips to replenish your summer glow

Self-tanBritain’s all-too brief summer is at its end – but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your hard-earned tan for another year! Self-tanning products are improving every year; no longer are they associated with Sunny-D style lurid orange tans, but a healthy bronze glow that is a worthy replacement of the real thing. Still, better products might lead to improved tans, but the way you apply self-tanning products can have a huge effect on the final result. If you’re after some self-tanning tips to help you top up your end-of-summer tan, read on!

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