Top fragrances for teens

For many of us, our first ‘proper’ perfume was bought for us in our teens.  Before then, our only experience with fragrance were the ubiquitous body sprays that overpowered classrooms after PE lessons!

The fragrances that we wore in our teenage years remain memorable. They remind us of that time in our lives –  and although we might not want to wear those fragrances again, we still smile when we smell them!

Buying fragrances for your teenage son, daughter, niece or nephew is therefore incredibly personal. You want to treat them to something that they’ll enjoy, and that they’ll remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

Learning likes and dislikes

The first few fragrances you try as a teenager help you learn what you like and dislike. While your teenager’s preferences will evolve as they get older, learning them can help guide their future fragrances of choice. One approach is to try starter fragrances in each different perfume family. For example, DKNY’s Be Delicious is known as a bright, sweet, fruity scent, and Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue is a fantastic woody citrus scent for beginners. Try to look for mid-range designer fragrances somewhere in the £15-£40 price bracket – there’s no point spending any more on a fragrance they might not even like.

A braver approach is to try ‘marmite’ fragrances that your teenager will either love or hate! These fragrances may be a risky purchase, but they’ll quickly help them establish their fragrance preferences. Thierry Mugler fragrances are known for how divisive they are – try out Alien or Angel.

Top brands for teens

Celebrity fragrances are a fantastic choice for younger teens, who love wearing a fragrance from their favourite celeb. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Beyonce all have their own perfume ranges. The quality of these fragrances may be a little hit and miss, but there are some fantastic celebrity fragrances out there!

For teenage boys, sports brands tend to be most popular. Aside from David Beckham’s ever-growing line of perfumes, look for brands like Adidas and Superdry. Or, for something a little punchier, check out Ferrari or Lamborghini’s fragrances!

What to avoid

Given that most teens will probably want to wear their new fragrances at school (and let’s admit that most teenagers have a tendency to overspray their perfumes as if they were body mists!), it’s probably best to stick to eau de toilette fragrances rather than eau de parfum. Of course, some EDP fragrances will be lighter than others, so many will still be suitable.

Try to avoid heavier, spicier fragrances and those that are designed to be worn in the winter or in the evening. Look for lighter floral, fresh or citrus fragrances that won’t be so cloying when worn in the daytime.

Steer clear of older, classic fragrances too – these scents are likely to smell old-fashioned to most teens. On the other hand, fragrances that are clearly marketed towards young people are more likely to be a hit.

Your turn

What fragrances do your kids, nieces and nephews love? And what scents did you like when you were a teenager? Give us your recommendations in the comments section below!


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