How to Spruce Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring

Spring is almost here.  The new season is the perfect time to amend and adjust your beauty routine. As the weather eases, your skin changes and the sun finally emerges for more than a couple of hours each day, your skin and hair adjust to the new conditions. It’s smart to switch your beauty routine to adapt to these new beauty challenges – while also embracing spring with fun new lipstick shades and perfumes! Continue reading

Seven winter skincare routine changes you need to make

Winter is here – and with it comes a whole set of new beauty challenges. You have two choices: resolutely stick to the same routine and hope for the best, or make a couple of smart changes to your beauty routine to see off the worst of winter!

Here’s what you’re up against: the cold, windy weather of winter strips the moisture from your skin, whilst also making it more vulnerable to irritation. The heat blasting from the radiators at home, in your car and at the office doesn’t provide your skin with much respite either – they dry out the air, decreasing humidity to below usual levels, further parching your skin. Continue reading

Brilliant budget beauty gifts for Christmas 2016

At Christmas, money is tight – yet we all want to treat our loved ones to some special gifts on December 25th! If you’ve set yourself a limited budget for Christmas gifts this year, that’s no reason to compromise on the quality of your presents! Here at Direct Cosmetics, we offer a wide range of luxury beauty products at incredible prices. If you’re a little overwhelmed by the number of gems on our web store, here are some of our top budget beauty gift picks for Christmas 2016…

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Top tips for kissable lips

Loving couple retro style dating on sea coast

#National Kissing Day is on June 24th! This year, the organisers are once again asking you to name the most kissable celebs, so head over to their site if you’d like to have your say. Last year’s winners were the stunning Holly Willoughby and style icon David Beckham – we can’t disagree with those results!

National Kissing Day’s goal is to encourage all to “appreciate the importance of a kiss and to spread the love.” Of course, to take part you’ll want to have kissable lips!

Whether or not you’re planning on celebrating on the 24th of June, we all want to have kissable lips all year round! Here’s how to give your lips some TLC and pick out the perfect lipstick shade for you! Continue reading

Three annoying winter beauty problems: solved

Winter sun II.jpgWinter – it’s not kind to your skin. Cold weather, low humidity and icy winds take their toll on your face, hands and hair and your usual beauty routines aren’t getting you anywhere. Even if you insulate yourself from the elements, the hot air blasting from radiators will only dry out your skin further. In today’s blog post, the Direct Cosmetics team tackle three common winter beauty problems and how to cure them…

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Oscars makeup inspiration: three classic movie star looks to try at home

the night of the Oscars

The 88th Academy Awards are set to take place later this month. Of course, the Oscars are a celebration of moviemaking and acting – will Leo finally get hold of the top prize? How many of its 10 nominations will Mad Max: Fury Road convert into awards?

At the Direct Cosmetics offices, the chit-chat around the water cooler isn’t just about the gongs, but fashion and makeup. Oscars fashion and style is a perfect blend of glamour and glitz – with the occasional oddity that we remember for years. From Bjork’s swan dress and Cher’s ‘statement’ sheer gown to Lupita Nyong’o’s plunging sky blue number and Hilary Swank’s backless navy frock, we’ve seen some iconic looks on the Academy Awards’ red carpet. Recreating movie star looks is tricky if you’re intent on finding a good match for designer dresses that cost thousands of pounds, but there’s a much easier way to get the look of a movie star: makeup. Here’s how to recreate iconic movie star makeup at home.

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Six tips for buying makeup on a budget

makeup2We can’t all afford to pay full whack for makeup from leading brands like Chanel, Dior and co., but that doesn’t mean makeup addicts like us should have to settle for poor quality products that don’t break the bank. It takes a little more work to find and buy luxury cosmetics if your budget is £20 a month rather than £200, but it can still be done! In the run up to Christmas we’re all feeling the pinch – so your makeup budget may be compromised. Before you rush down to your local supermarket and grab the cheapest liner and lippy available, check out our tips to help you find high quality makeup at affordable prices.

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