Five Autumn/Winter 2017 beauty trends you need to know about

A brand new fashion season brings with it a bucketload of incredible looks on the catwalk. Although there are plenty of fashionistas here at Direct Cosmetics, we always pay closest attention to the hair and makeup, not the clothes!

This season saw some particularly bold looks on the runway, but they’ll only need small tweaks to make them workable IRL!

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Top Halloween makeup ideas for 2016

If you’re planning to dress up as Harley Quinn, a Pokémon trainer, or your favourite Star Wars/Game of Thrones/Marvel character for this year’s Halloween party, the makeup you opt for is kinda obvious – something that fits the character.

However, if you’d like this year’s Halloween costume to be centred on your incredible makeup skills instead of a pop culture character, it might be a little trickier to find inspiration.

This year, the Direct Cosmetics team share their favourite show-stopping Halloween makeup ideas for 2016. Which is your favourite?

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Five of our favourite summer colours (and how to add them to your beauty routine)

sunIt’s the height of summer – gardens, parks, and the countryside are alight with colour! Summer colours remind us of bold and beautiful flowers, the heat of the beach and refreshing dips in the sea.

Summer colours are bright, dramatic, and all too fleeting – so let’s celebrate them while they’re still here!

Today, the Direct Cosmetics team share their favourite summer colours, and how you might add a hint of them to your makeup routine this season.

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A beginner’s guide to eyeliner types

eyelinerIf you’re a newcomer to the world of makeup, the sheer number and variety of cosmetic products can be overwhelming. Finding the right foundation for you can take a dozen attempts, and you’ll spend many an hour browsing the lipstick on the Direct Cosmetics webstore to search for your perfect shade. At first, eyeliner may seem much easier to get to grips with – most of us will be after the same basic colours – but as a beginner you’ll need to understand which type of eyeliner works for you. Eyeliner is one of the most powerful tools in your makeup bag – learn the basics and start to master it! Continue reading

What is the best eyeliner shape for you?

1 - Eyeliner I

Eyeliner is a staple used in many stunning makeup looks, but how do you know which style will really make your eyes pop? Some styles will help to round out oval eyes, while others will help provide more width to narrow eye shapes. We’re going to take a look at the best styles for different faces, along with some handy hints for top beauty buys to make the most of these simple yet effective techniques. Continue reading

How to: rock the sultry cat-eye makeup trend

The dark and dramatic cat-eye cosmetic trend has been worn by some of the most glamorous women on the planet, turning heads when perfected by the likes of Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna. You can even try the cat-eye makeup trend yourself, but it’s not a look for every outfit, every occasion and every style. So where and when should you try the cat-eye look? Read our how-to guide and start experimenting with this bold and sexy cosmetic look in the correct context.

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