Budget cosmetic tips: a fragrance for every occasion

While everyone likes to have that one signature scent that sums up their personality perfectly, these days it isn’t enough to simply own one perfume. Our lives are often busy and varied, meaning that we need a range of different fragrances suitable for every conceivable occasion. I know what you’re thinking – buying a variety of distinct perfumes is bound to be a pricey enterprise. Fortunately, with the help of our budget cosmetic expertise, you’ll be able to equip yourself with a versatile range of fragrances suitable for any scenario you care to mention. Just take a look and see for yourself!

At work

Choosing a fragrance for work can be a difficult task, as subtlety must be your watchword. You don’t want to wear a fragrance around the office that’s going to stick in the nostrils of your colleagues all day and get on people’s nerves, and at the same time you should be seeking something that will perk you up once you step out of the shower in the morning and keep you focussed throughout the day. Cloying, heavy scents are a no go then, so we recommend that you try something from the oceanic or citrus families. Davidoff Cool Water Woman  is a refreshing oceanic fragrance with enough subtlety to wear in an everyday setting, while Paul Smith’s Optimistic contains the fresh, fruity top notes to help get your day off to a positive start.

On a night out

If your plans involve more than sitting at your desk for a few hours, you’re going to need a slightly more playful fragrance than those you’d use when working around the office. Floral and gourmand fragrances are more fun and frisky than oceanics and citruses, so these are the ideal aromas to adorn yourself with on a trip to a bar, restaurant or club. We suggest you try the sweet and sultry tones of Calvin Klein’s pioneering gourmand Euphoria  or the sparkling floral fragrance of Guerlian’s Champ Elysees if you’re looking for a playful scent to take on a night out.

On a date

If your goal is to impress on a date, it’s important to pull out the big guns and really grab some attention. The sense of smell plays a major role in helping to establish human relationships, and by making the right choice of perfume, you can look to enhance your chances of seduction through the power of scent alone. We tend to find that spicy, sultry, sophisticated oriental fragrances are powerful weapons when placed in the hands of the would-be seductress, so if romance is the name of your game, you could do a lot worse than the heady charms of Elizabeth Arden Provocative Women.

Making the most of an adaptable range of fragrances can help you to feel comfortable and confident in a variety of different situations, so take a look at the wide range of women’s fragrances available on our website and add to your symphony of scents today!


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