Cosmetic trendwatch: ditching the clown paint with subtle pink blush

Blush has long been a makeup bag regular that some women reach for with gusto, but others still tend to view it with something approaching trepidation. A subtle, considered application of blush is an excellent way to add a warm, healthy glow to your cheeks but we’ve all seen those women sporting garish red circles more suited to the a circus big top than the high street. Not all cosmetic trends are particularly user-friendly, but this summer’s pink blush trend is one we can all wear with pride – here’s how you can capture that perfect pink blush look at home!

Matching texture

Before you can head to the beach or the park looking suitably sunkissed and sexy, you need to pick an appropriate product for your skin. Depending on your skin type, different kinds of blush will either look better or worse against your complexion, so you need to choose carefully. Oily skin works best with a cream blush and a subtle application of shimmer powder, whereas dry skin works with both cream and powder blush. If you have normal skin then you’re in luck; the world of blush is your oyster!


Matching colour

Now that you know which textured products will work best against your skin, it’s time to match a colour to your natural complexion. When choosing a blush it’s important to pick a shade that matches, as closely as possible, the natural tint of your cheeks when flushed. Fair skinned women can go for pale pink blush, whereas rosey pink and peach shades suit olive and medium skinned women. If you have a naturally dark complexion, colours ranging from warm rose blush to brighter shades bordering on bronze will help you to rock this season’s blush trend.


How to wear it

As the pink blush trend is all about subtlety and appearing as natural as possible, it wouldn’t do to go mad with your eye makeup or pull focus with a showy lip shade. Nude or near-nude makeup is the way forward when it comes to mastering the pink blush look, so pick a complementary nude lipstick and a natural concealer to cover up any perfections, then simply leave it at that!


How to apply it

There are various techniques used in the application of blush, some more effective than others! Remember to use the product on the apples of your cheeks in order to give a more natural, convincing look, as if you’ve earned that glow naturally after stepping out of the shower or getting in after a light jog. Instead of simply sweeping the blush across your cheeks, use a brush in a circular motion to achieve attractive and believable coverage.


Easy isn’t it? Keep an eye on our Beauty Talk blog for more tips and tricks on how to master the rest! Take a look at the range of cosmetics available on the direct cosmetics website and don’t forget to share our advice with your friends using the social buttons below!


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