Job interview makeup: how to ace it

You’ve got an interview for your dream job right around the corner and you’ve been prepping for every question you can think they might ask you. Of course, it’s the job of the interviewers to figure out if you’re the right person for the job, but their role extends beyond judging your ability and experience – they’re also going to be judging your appearance and professionalism.

But turning up in trackies or torn jeans aren’t the only the ways to lose your interviewer’s respect. The makeup you wear to a job interview also tells interviewers a great deal about how you view the role, and their business.

Here’s how to ace your job interview makeup!

#1 Do you research

During your interview prep, you’ve probably found out about the working environment at the company you’re applying for. A highly professional environment will require different makeup to a more casual environment. Take a look at photos and videos of staff in similar roles at work – the company’s careers page or about page on their website is a good place to start. Make sure your look is at least as formal as the typical makeup worn by the company’s employees.

#2 Tone it down

If in doubt, keep your makeup subtle and simple. Instead of a bold cat eye, take it easy with the eyeliner – with a smaller ‘kitten eye’. You might be a smoky eye pro, but a job interview isn’t the place for it.

Red lipstick can work for job interviews, but make sure it’s a shade that says ‘professional’ rather than ‘night out on the town’!

If colourful eyeshadow is your preferred option, revert to neutral shades. Keep shimmer to a minimum.

The same applies to your nails – neutral tones look professional and won’t draw attention away from your answers.

#3 Choose lipstick over glosses

Lip glosses don’t exactly give off a professional vibe. Instead, choose lipstick, or, if you prefer, just apply lip balm or nothing at all.

#4 Hide stresses

If you sweat when you’re nervous, use powder over your makeup to set it in place and tackle oiliness. Opt for waterproof mascara so you know it won’t run or smudge during your interview!

#5 Stick to tried and tested products and styles

A job interview is definitely not the time to experiment with your makeup! A new foundation might give you a bad reaction, or may not last for the duration of the interview. And that makeup tutorial you found on Instagram the night before the interview? It could take three times longer to replicate than you were expecting, or not turn out at all as you’d hoped.

#6 Give yourself extra time to prep

Even if your makeup normally only takes you ten minutes each morning, set aside at least triple that time before your job interview. This gives you that extra leeway should something go wrong (you can’t find a brush, you run out of a product, your eyeliner goes awry), and stops you from making those mistakes that we’re all prone to making when we’re in a hurry!

#6 Choose makeup that gives you confidence

This is the most important tip of all! Makeup is a wonderful tool to help us express ourselves and give us confidence! To excel at a job interview, you need that confidence in yourself. Only wear makeup that you know will give you the confidence to ace the interview and land that dream job!

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