Festival beauty: a survival guide

Festival season is in full swing! Whether you plan on rocking out to Muse at Leeds Festival, or chilling at Latitude, a three-day festival can be something of a beauty ordeal – no matter how good the music is!

Here’s what you’re up against:

  • Long shower queues
  • Sweat
  • Heat and sun (hopefully!)

Your standard beauty routine won’t quite cut it here, without the luxuries of endless running water, your own shower, and your stash of makeup and skincare products.

So, with the odds against you, how can you stay looking glam at this year’s festivals? Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner and co. make it look easy – but without a team of stylists at your beck and call, you’ll have to do the hard work yourself.


Before you set off for the site, do as much beauty prep as you can. This might include applying tan, getting your nails done, and waxing. You could also deep condition your hair and prep your skin.

Tan yourself up with a bit of Fake Bake

By getting your skin and hair into tip-top condition before you leave, you’ll have less work to do on-site.

The Essentials


Dry shampoo is your best friend at a festival! It’ll give your hair an extra day without grease – and a trip to the showers – so make it the first product you pack. We also recommend keeping your hair in a low maintenance style – plaits are perfect. Keeping your hair away from your face will stop it getting so sweaty! You might also want to take a headband or headscarf to keep your hair in check – and there’s always the option of a hat for final day festival hair…

Tigi Pro Dry Shampoo is by far our favourite

Skincare (and hygiene!)

Every festival veteran puts wet wipes at the top of their essentials list. With running water only available at taps, facial wipes are your best bet for removing makeup – and they can also help you with mud and grime in a pinch.

Don’t scrimp on SPF. Even if you’re not expecting the sun to make an appearance, in the summer months UV rays easily penetrate the clouds – remember, you’ll be outside for most of the day, so keep your skin well protected.

It’s wise to leave your richest moisturisers behind – opt for lighter products or a BB/CC cream so that your skin can breathe even in the sweatiest, hottest festival crowd!

BB and CC Creams


Festival makeup is one of social media’s favourite topics, but the reality of festival life means that your looks often aren’t as Instagram-ready as you might have hoped! Glitter and individually-applied sequins look fab for a few minutes, but after hours on sweating skin, there won’t be much left!

If you’d rather spend more time watching bands than applying and fixing makeup, keep it simple. Choose a bold, long-lasting lip colour and waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Your focus should be on durable products that can withstand oily skin and heat.

How about Teeez Cosmetics Lipsticks?

Most of all…

Have fun! Keep your skincare and makeup routines short and sweet so that you spend as much time as possible soaking up festival vibes and catching your favourite bands live.

But don’t forget the dry shampoo or the wet wipes!


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