Top 2018 Beauty Trend Predictions

Staying on top of beauty trends is essential if you’re to grab the latest must-have product before the rest of the world catches on! But 2018 looks set to bring not just the usual hair and makeup trends that we see on the catwalk, but also some bigger movements in the beauty industry that could transform our routines for months and years to come! We’ve looked at findings from Pinterest and tapped into the team’s own know-how to draw up this list of beauty predictions for the new year!

#1 Skincare rules

This year we’ll see foundation, concealer and powder toned down to allow natural features like freckles to get noticed. That means that skincare will be super-important to master, so now’s the time to revamp your routine and snag those products you always wanted to try out!

#2 All the oils

Oils are becoming ever-present in beauty routines, from tackling tired hair to cleansing your skin. This trend looks set to continue throughout 2018, as we try out more and more oils, from argan and almond to jojoba and moringa.

Plenty of beauty brands are using these oils in their products – look for hand creams and body lotions in particular. And yes, even if you have oily skin, you can (and should!) use oil-based skincare products. Cleansing oils saw more than 500% boost in Pins on Pinterest over the past year.

#3 Anti-pollution skincare

Here in the UK, we’ve become far more aware of the dangerous levels of air pollution in our cities. But we often forget that it’s not only our lungs that are affected, but our skin. We’re now seeing more and more skincare products aimed at protecting our skin from polluted conditions – either as preventative measures to boost your skin’s barrier against pollutants, or cleansers designed to sweep away as many pollutants as possible.

#4 Inclusive makeup

In 2017’s, the launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection set a new standard for inclusive makeup, with the foundation available in 40 shades. This year, expect established big brands to launch more foundation shades in an attempt to reach a more diverse market – that’s great news for women who normally struggle to find affordable foundations that match their skin tones.

#5 Makeup kits

Data shows that more and more of us are seeking out multi-purpose makeup products to speed up our routines and making the purchasing process a breeze. These makeup kits contain multiple complementary items, often aimed at multiple areas – for example, lip and eye kits – so that one product gives you the complete look.

#6 Self-care and wellness

This year, wellness will move away from clean eating and cardio to an emphasis on self-care and meditation. Stress-busting activities like massages, strength training and yoga were pinned 500% more in recent months.

That wraps up our predictions, but we’d love to hear from you. What do you think will be the big beauty trends of 2018? And what trends do you want to see the back of? Leave us a comment below!


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