Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018: Time to Spoil Mum!

Mother’s Day is early in the UK this year: March 11th! There’s not long left to get some gifts ready for mum, so grab some soon to avoid recreating last year’s supermarket flowers and choccies combo!

Mother’s Day gives you the chance to show your mum how important she is to you – to thank her for everything she’s done for you and, perhaps more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to spoil her!

Doing the washing up, treating her to meal out or a spa day are all fab gifts in and of themselves, but giving mum something extra to unwrap is a must! That’s where we come in – here are some top beauty gifts for Mother’s Day that don’t cost a fortune.


Choosing a fragrance can be an overwhelming process, particularly if your mum doesn’t have strong opinions when it comes to perfume preferences. Here are our top tips for buying Mother’s Day fragrances.

  • Look into gift sets. Gift sets provide smaller bottles of top brand perfumes at a more affordable price, alongside other beauty products.  Often the fragrances in these sets will be eau de toilette rather than eau de parfum – meaning they’ll be more subtle and won’t last as long – that’s great if you’re just looking to find out if she likes a particular perfume! You can always treat her to the full size EDP version on her birthday or at Christmas when you’re certain she likes the fragrance!


  • Go by fragrance family. Know a fragrance she already likes but can’t find it on sale anywhere? Give it a Google and find out what fragrance family it’s in (floral, fresh etc.) and find another perfume in the same family.


  • Go by colour scheme and branding. If you don’t know what fragrance notes she likes, think about her personality! Fragrances are branded to appeal to a particular type of person – beiges and brown packaging often relate to classic scents, light blues and greens are fresher, subtle scents, and pinks are usually sweet, whimsical florals. Think about which brand would most appeal to your mum.


Shower and bath

Add a little luxury to your mum’s day with some sumptuous shower gels and bath products. We particularly love Korres’ range of fruity shower gels – check out the Basil Lemon or Guava varieties – which are packed with wheat proteins to protect the skin and keep it moisturised for longer.

If your mum’s more of a bath person, bath salts, soaks and other similar products are a fab way to show that she deserves to be pampered! We love Especially Escada’s luxurious bath crystals. For something that lasts a little longer, why not try scented soaps? Bar soaps are having something of a renaissance right now, so there are plenty of options out there! And if you can’t decide what scent to go for, buy a gift set with multiple soaps!


DIY packaging

Instead of just wrapping up your Mother’s Day gifts, why not present them in a special way? You could create your own Mother’s Day hamper, packed with a selection of small gifts – including beauty gifts. Or, create a ‘Spa in a Jar’ with soaks, scrubs, a face mask, and bath salts all packed into one jar.  This cute way of packaging presents cuts down on paper and plastic packaging and makes a gift feel even more thoughtful and personal!

Still need more inspiration? Head over to the Direct Cosmetics store to find more beauty gift ideas from all the brands you love at prices you’ll adore!


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