Essential New Year products from Direct Cosmetics

January is upon us, and with it the sad end of the party season! After years of getting into the holiday spirit only to feel the after effects come January, we felt it was only right to let you into our little secrets for combating the negative effects of all the calories, sugar, alcohol (and general good stuff) that we consume and imbibe during the festive period. For 11 months of the year you manage to retain your discipline and (generally) behave yourself, so it seems a shame to undo all of your hard work in one debauched week. Take a look at five great products available from the Direct cosmetics website that you should add to your armoury for the all-important January detox…

Ceramide plump perfect smoothing exfoliator

It’s normal, following the holiday excesses, for your skin take on a dull, grey tone that can have a knock-on effect on your mood and demeanour, too! However, thanks to Elizabeth Arden, this fabulous weekly treatment exfoliator does the job of giving your skin a radiant glow through the deep cleansing of your pores and imperfections. Basically, it assists your skin in the job of absorbing moisture, resulting in a more rejuvenated and less-lined look. It’s almost as though the late night of New Year’s Eve never happened!

 Clay and herbal cleansing mask

Given the title ‘Aroma Cleanse’ by the chaps at Decleor, the second skin cleanser and moisturiser in our collection comes in the form of a cleansing mask with plant extracts. The mask may not be quite enough to help you hide from your misdemeanours at the office Christmas party, but being enriched with a whole host of herbal and plant extracts, this cleanser dissolves impurities with its natural absorbent power and leaves your skin ultra soft and smooth. Your party indiscretions, on the other hand, may take a little longer to be rid of…

 Eye fix primer

It’s possible to hide a multitude of sins with the help of clothing and makeup, but those telltale eyes may need a little more of a makeover. Eye Fix Primer (by Elizabeth Arden) actually works as an invisible shield between eyelids and eye colour. With a super advanced formula, your eyes will be primed and you’ll be in control against the dreaded triumvirate of creasing, streaking and fading. So in those dark and dank January mornings, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your makeup will go on much more easily and will blend in a far smoother way.

 Body lotion

It’s not all about the face you know. Now your whole body can look and smell just like a pop star with Inspire by Christina Aguilera. This beautiful white floral fragrance is as light and feminine a scent as any you’re likely to encounter – boasting a creamy and comforting texture, not to mention delicate fragrances of citrus, white rose and sandalwood. If you’re looking for an invigorating body lotion in the early days of 2017 to get you pumped and primed to tackle that lengthy to do list, look no further.

 Moisturising shave gel

…You didn’t think we’d forgotten about you, did you fellas? Our friends over at The Real Shaving Company have developed a carefully (and lovingly) formulated shave solution in order to not only add moisture for a frictionless glide, but also to effectively reduce inflammation. This foam-free gel (allowing you to actually see where you are shaving) also keeps your skin moist and fresh for that manly day ahead of chopping trees and rescuing cats, perhaps…


After trying this little lot out you’ll be feeling back to your best in no time at all, but these cosmetics aren’t just for the New Year you know. Regularly check out our Beauty Talk blog for year round skin care help and advice or take a look at a whole host of affordable premium cosmetics on our website.


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