Christmas Guide 2017: Top Fragrance Gift Ideas

Perfumes are, in many ways, the perfect Christmas gift: luxurious and personal, the right fragrance isn’t just a gift, but a thousand memories, bottled up, just waiting to be experienced. If you’d like to gift a friend, partner, or family member a fragrance this Christmas, but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered…

For the fragrance aficionado

These perfumes are for women who are extremely discerning when it comes to fragrances! They know their stuff, so buying them a fragrance can be something of a challenge.

If your recipient prefers classic fragrances, 1000 by Jean Patou or First by Van Cleef & Arpels. For something more modern, Thierry Mugler’s Alien is a unique floral that certainly packs a punch!

For a first fragrance

If you’re buying your daughter, niece, or younger sister their first ‘grown-up’ perfume, celebrity perfumes might be the best route to take. They tend to be more affordable than other perfumes, but help a first-time fragrance wearer figure out which notes they like best!

Perhaps the best starting place is with their favourite celebrity (everyone from Ariana Grande to One Direction have their own line of fragrances). Check out our previous blog on our favourite celebrity fragrances for our top picks!

For him

Already a fragrance fan and trying to convert your partner to join you? Your best bet is to start with a cologne that’s subtle and pleasant rather than something that might be more complex and strong. Gentlemen Only by Givenchy is our top pick here – this woody, masculine fragrance is more interesting than many male fragrances, but is quiet enough to be suitable for wearing at the office.

For the professional

While we’re on the subject of office-friendly fragrances, what about subtle fragrances for her? Be on the lookout for a mellow fragrance that still contains the notes she loves. Good starting points are CK One (fresh, clean but sophisticated citrus) and Elizabeth Arden’s range of Green Tea fragrances (fresh, green and light).

For nights out

If you think your gift recipient would love a fragrance that’s more suited to a night on the town, you’ve got tons of options. At the more affordable end is Lady Gaga’s Fame – a sweet, yet mysterious fruity fragrance that’s much braver than most celebrity perfumes.  Obsession Night by Calvin Klein is sexy and masculine – an almost unisex woody-floral perfume that’s sadly been discontinued is another option – grab it while you can!

For women who want options!

If your recipient likes to have plenty of choice when it comes to perfumes but you can afford to buy multiple fragrances, be on the look out for fragrance collections. These combine smaller bottles of fragrances from the same family so that your recipient can try several fragrances – and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll buy her at least one that she loves! Thierry Mugler’s Mini Set is our pick here, with four small bottles for roughly the price of just one full-size Mugler fragrance.

For buyers on a budget

Given all the work that goes into creating and producing perfumes, it’s no wonder they can be a little pricey. If you’re on a budget, check out the deals on fragrances at the Direct Cosmetics online store. Our Christmas shop is packed with big brand fragrances and fantastic gift ideas at affordable prices! Head there now for all your Christmas beauty gifts…


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