Five Autumn/Winter 2017 beauty trends you need to know about

A brand new fashion season brings with it a bucketload of incredible looks on the catwalk. Although there are plenty of fashionistas here at Direct Cosmetics, we always pay closest attention to the hair and makeup, not the clothes!

This season saw some particularly bold looks on the runway, but they’ll only need small tweaks to make them workable IRL!

Here are the top A/W 2017 beauty trends…

#1 Crazy lashes

Lashes are back, and they’re bolder and bigger than ever! Above all, we noticed plenty of Twiggy-style, bottom heavy lashes on the runways. These doll-like, clumpy lashes require long, thick false upper lashes, and numerous coats of mascara on the bottom lashes. Twiggy used to paint on even more lower lashes using liquid eyeliner, but that might be a step too far for everyday wear! Alternatively, you can use individual false lashes to add more volume.

#2 Deep partings

Aside from the triumphant return of the pixie cut, the big hairstyling trend for this season appears to be deep partings. Before you get flashbacks to the deep side partings you used to rock back in the mid-noughties, these deep partings don’t necessarily require straighteners! Low side partings are flattering for pretty much everyone, so reach for your comb and start styling!

#3 Uber-minimalism

No-makeup makeup isn’t going anywhere, but this season sees it taken to a whole new level. The focus, as ever, is on glowing skin – but the one groomed part of the look is the brows. Thankfully, the ‘Instagram brow’ trend is well and truly dead. Instead, groomed brows should be more ‘natural’, but still perfectly shaped. Mastering this makeup trend is more difficult that celebs make it seem – check out our top tips for perfecting it!

#4 Bold eyeliner

Eyeliner looks to be centre stage this season, with the general rule being ‘the bolder, the better’.  You’ll be wanting to stock up on black eyeliner, as we saw it dominate on the catwalk, often paired with a flash of red, green or gold. We also saw dual-shade eyeliner, with neon colours applied in a double stripe.

Graphic liner is back in, too (did it ever go away?), so now’s the time to turn your eyelids into a canvas!

#5 Just-kissed lips

One of the most talked about catwalk trends has been ‘just-kissed lips’ – on the runway, this was achieved by applying too much gloss over red lips, smudging the edges to give the impression they’ve just had a long snog! Going all-in on this look might give you a few confused glances at work, so tone it down by cutting the lip liner from your routine and worrying a little less about getting your lipstick spot-on.

Overall, this season’s trends are brave and powerful – it’s about wearing makeup for yourself, not anyone else!

If you want to try this season’s top trends without breaking the bank, check out our webstore for some incredible deals on big brand hair and makeup. Don’t forget to take a look at our new arrivals to find on-trend products before anyone else!


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