Five Halloween makeup hacks to try this year

Makeup is the key to perfecting every Halloween costume, whether you’re going down the traditional spooky costume route or turning to pop culture for your outfit idea.

Instead of splashing out on face paint, fake blood and other costume makeup that you’ll only get a chance to use once, these clever Halloween makeup hacks will show you how to make the most of regular beauty products this Halloween.

#1 DIY fake blood

If your costume is going to be a little bloody this year, there’s no need to buy any fake blood – you can make your own so that you have just the right amount for your costume, with no waste.

You’ll need red lipstick, black eyeliner, and some clear lip gloss. (Yep, that’s it).

Shave off a tiny amount of red lipstick and mix it with a little of the black eyeliner until you’ve got the shade you’re after. Now add a splodge of the lip gloss and combine. Adjust the colour by adding more liner or lippy as necessary. You should be left with a thick, glossy fake blood mix that you can then apply to your costume or your skin.

To apply, avoid using your favourite makeup brush, as it might be difficult to clean after! Instead, use an older brush or alternatively the other end of a brush to apply the fake blood.

Get creative – use combinations of slightly different shades of fake blood to give the appearance of dried vs. fresh blood!

#2 Pasty skin

If you’re going as a zombie, vampire, wight, or any other form of undead, your normal skin tone will be a bit of a giveaway that you’re still alive! For a realistic undead look, ditch the white face paint and instead opt for foundation or concealer that’s a few shades lighter than your usual. This’ll give a much more realistic finish!

After Halloween, you can use this lighter foundation for contouring, or mix it with a foundation that’s always been too dark for you until you find the perfect shade.

#3 Fake wounds

There’s no need to buy specialist products to create small fake wounds for Halloween. A combo of lash glue and toilet paper are all you need to get started.

Grab a couple of squares of toilet paper and cut them to a size slightly larger than the finished wound. Use the lash glue to carefully stick the first sheet of paper to your skin, then add another layer of glue and the next sheet of paper. If you want to make the wound appear even deeper, you can add more layers. Now go over the edges of the paper with more glue to make the outline of the wound appear more natural.

Once the glue is dry, use your normal foundation to blend the paper ‘wound’ with your skin. Now’s the time to create your fake wound. Use scissors to very carefully cut the toilet paper slightly. Use your fingers to widen and shape the wound, then apply a combination of red, purple, blue and black eyeshadow to make it appear realistic. Add some fake blood to finish!

#4 Gap teeth

If you want to be missing a couple of teeth for Halloween, the waterproof eyeliner that’s in your makeup bag is the only product you need!

All you need to do is apply black eyeliner to the teeth you want to black out. Make sure you dry your tooth first, otherwise the eyeliner won’t stick around.

#5 Scale effects

If you want to add shimmering scales to your Halloween costume, there’s a quick and easy trick to get them perfect! The secret? Fishnet tights! Secure the tights around the area of your skin that you want to appear ‘scaly’.

Next, grab eyeshadow in your chosen colours and carefully apply through the tights.

Remove the tights, being careful not to smudge the makeup, and voilà—instant mermaid scales!

Your Halloween makeup hacks

Do you have any Halloween makeup tips and tricks? Let us know how you plan to use makeup to perfect your Halloween costumes this year!


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