Top Skincare Trends Revealed by Google

Every season we learn of dozens of fashion and beauty trends – some more accessible than others! Of course, every brand wants to push their new product as the next big thing, and try to create their own trends to drive demand.

Only a handful of these ‘trends’ turn into legit trends that actually have an impact on our beauty routines.

So, how can we tell which trends are real and which are no more than marketing?

By turning to perhaps the biggest data gatherer in the world: Google.

Google collated search data on skincare to find out the biggest 2017 skincare trends in some of the biggest markets in the world. While their report is mainly targeted at skincare brands, the results are intriguing for all of us!

Top trend: Masks

Google’s report points to masks as the top skincare trend across the US, France and Japan, with consumers turning to masks for solutions to acne and blackheads. In particular, clay masks, mud masks and charcoal masks are amongst the most searched for products.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have watched some mask-related skincare videos on YouTube – as Google suggests, face masks are an experience rather than just a product. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that top mask-related video content involves our fave vloggers talking about the scent and feelings associated with wearing a mask – and we also love the moment where masks are peeled off, so we can see the results for ourselves!

Top trend: Ingredients

We’re increasingly fussy about the ingredients in our skincare products, so it should come as no surprise that we’re Googling skincare-related ingredients like clay, aloe vera and cocoa butter. If we look at US trends, the top Googled ingredients for healing skin are clay and gold. For treating scars, we’re searching for essential oils, aloe vera and cocoa butter. For detox purposes, we’ve been searching for clay, charcoal and baking soda based products.

Rising trend: Bathing

Taking a bath is no longer a regular process for most of us – instead, a relaxing soak is a luxury. It’s no wonder that Google’s found that we’re increasingly looking for skincare products to help us turn bathtime into an even more luxurious experience. Top of the list in all markets are bath bombs, with bath salts and bubble bath also featuring.

Rising trend: Men’s skincare

Yep, more and more men are starting to take skincare seriously. Google found steady growth in searches for men’s skincare across all the markets they studied. Men’s face washes, lotions, and moisturiser were amongst the top-searched terms.

What does this data mean?

These results come from millions of search queries. Of course, a search for each of these products doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re looking to buy them. You might just be curious about them, or wanting to show a friend a certain product you’ve bought in the past – but we love that we can gain an insight into what we’re all searching for!

You can check out Google’s full skincare trends report here, or head over to our webstore and stock-up on trending products!


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