The essential cosmetics for a perfect holiday

No holiday packing list is complete without those cosmetic essentials that will keep you looking gorgeous throughout your vacation.  Whether you’re attempting to beat the British drizzle by hitting the slopes for a spot of skiing, or fleeing the continent altogether to soak up the rays in sunnier climbs, don’t even think of boarding that plane before you’ve stocked up on your essential budget cosmetics.



If you’ve booked a beach holiday, sunscreen is likely to be at the top of your list, but did you know that protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is just as important if you’re heading to an alpine destination? A lot of people underestimate just how much the snow reflects the rays of the sun – in fact the sun can be even more risky in the mountains because you’re at a high altitude (unlike the beach) and so the environment offers no protection from UV damage. It’s very important to protect your skin in snowy conditions – plus you don’t want to end up with embarrassing ski goggles sunburn lines do you?!

 SPF moisturiser

Living in Britain, we know the chapping effect that cold and wind can have on our skin, but remember that salty seawater and snow can have the same irritating impact on your complexion, drying your skin out. One of the best ways to combat chapped skin, and leave your face feeling super soft, is to pick up an SPF moisturiser. And the great news is, the SPF will also offer another layer of protection against those pesky UV rays.


One of the best quick fixes that will ensure you look fabulous in your holiday snaps is a good quality concealer. Just a quick dab will banish dark circles under your eyes and hide any imperfections or pimples. If you start your holiday armed with a decent concealer you can indulge in an extra glass of wine or late night, and no one will be any the wiser!

Hair removal gel

Most holidays require us to brave the bikini at some point – whether that’s preparing for a dip in an azure tropical sea, or stripping down to plunge into a sauna after a hard day on the slopes. Either way, the last thing you want is to be caught short with unwanted body hair, and the best way to avoid being caught short is to equip yourself with hair removing gel. It’s a holiday must-have!


Whether you spend your holiday days swimming, skiing, or hanging out by the poolside, most likely you’ll want to head out for some cocktails once the sun sets. And what better way to dazzle your fellow holiday makers at the hotel bar than with a healthy glowing complexion? A quick dusting of blusher to the apple of each cheek is a quick and easy way to create a healthy-looking complexion and make sure you don’t go unnoticed.


So, whether you’re more at home on the slopes or on the sand, don’t forget these five budget cosmetic essentials which will be sure to keep you glowing throughout your winter getaway. For even more great tips on how to look fabulous the whole year round, check out our full range of budget cosmetics. Bon voyage!


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