How to choose the perfect summer perfume for you

As we dive deeper into spring, and summer draws nearer, your favourite winter perfume doesn’t quite cut it any more. It reminds you of frosty mornings, cosy evenings by the fire and the delectable scents of Christmas. When the weather outside doesn’t match your perfume, it’s a little disorienting!

If you’re short of a stunning summer perfume, why not treat yourself this year? We’re here to help you find the perfect summer perfume for you!

Starting off on the right note

Summery weather and higher skin temperatures have a huge impact on your perfumes. Heat tends to intensify perfume notes, and also causes them to degrade more quickly. That means that your winter perfume could be heavy and cloying, and won’t last as long as it does in winter. Depending on your perfume, you might also end up with some weird note combinations that ruin its usual fragrance!

Summer perfumes therefore contain notes that are lighter than the typical notes of a wintry perfume. Look out for fragrances with citrus (orange, bergamot, grapefruit) or green notes (herbs, grass, galbanum). Delicate floral notes also work well in summer fragrances – try lily and lotus – but avoid heavier florals.

Summer perfumes tend to have woody or grassy bases – these help ground the fragrance without it becoming overpowering.

These are just guidelines – if you find that certain fragrances with traditionally heavy notes work well for you in the summer, go ahead!

The easy option

If you’re really attached to your wintry perfumes, do some research to find out if they have a lighter summer version. You might also want to opt for a weaker version of your fragrance – jump from eau de parfum to eau de toilette, or look for an even less potent eau fraiche version.

There’s a strong chance you’ll love the summer versions of your favourite winter perfume, so it’s a good place to start your search!


Certain perfumes evoke strong memories of years gone by. The aquatic, fresh and citrus scents of a summer perfume are no different. Try light florals to remind you of spring blooms, meadows and lazy days relaxing in the garden. Fresh aquatic scents will take you back to relaxing days at the beach.

When choosing a summer fragrance, think about what it might remind you of! And remember: whichever perfume you wear this summer, you’ll forever associate it with the new memories you create!

Our picks

There are dozens of summer perfumes out there – here are some of our favourites:

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

This line of perfumes are all incredible summer scents. There are tropical, lavender, lotus and yuzu versions, alongside the original fragrance and a special summer scent. Notes vary between each, so we recommend you check out several perfumes from this line.

Polynesian Island Tiare by The Body Shop

If you’re looking for a floral summer fragrance with a tropical edge, you can’t go far wrong with this number from the Body Shop. Citrus top notes pass to reveal a light floral heart, with base notes of coconut and vanilla giving this fragrance heaps of personality.

L’Eau de Issey by Issey Miyake

This modern classic fragrance is a great summer option if citrus isn’t your thing – instead, the dominant top notes and middle notes are predominately floral, held together with complex woody base notes.

All our picks are subject to stock constraints, so grab them fast!

What’s your favourite summer fragrance? Let us know in the comments below, and head over to our fragrance store to stock up!


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