Essential Travel Beauty Tips for Your Next Holiday

We all know the struggle of packing before a long-awaited holiday! Beauty addicts like us have it tough – limiting ourselves not just in the number of outfits we pack in our suitcase, but also sifting through our skincare products and cosmetics and deciding which make the cut! When your everyday beauty routine uses dozens of products, you’ve got some difficult choices to make.

Here are the team’s top beauty tips for your next holiday…

#1 Need vs. want

Start with the basics: which beauty products do you actually need on your holiday? Moisturiser, sunscreen, foundation, hair ties, bobby pins, shampoo, conditioner? Depending on the length of your trip (and your destination) that list might be too extensive. Think about the products you really need, as opposed to those that you want.

If you’re travelling with friends, plan if there are any products you can share. Maybe one of you can take shampoo, while another takes conditioner, a third takes shower gel and another takes a hair dryer.  This might mean forgoing your fave products for the trip and using a friend’s instead, but it’ll free up plenty of space for souvenirs!

#2 Travel size

Another alternative is to opt for travel size cosmetics. Pretty much all your favourite high street beauty brands will offer travel versions of your favourite products (and they won’t be too pricey if you buy them through our site!). You could also supplement these travel-size products with free samples from magazines, or do the hard work yourself and separate your full-size products into travel-size containers.

#3 Makeup

You want to look your best for your holiday snaps, so travelling with no makeup is out of the question. However, you can’t take all your makeup supplies on the plane, so you’ve got to be picky. Perhaps the most important question to answer is how you plan to use makeup. Will you be wearing it everyday, or just for the evenings? If it’s the former, you should focus on neutral tones. If it’s the latter, it’s perfectly OK to sacrifice more sensible lip colours for something glam! Don’t forget the weather, either. If you’re expecting humidity, take waterproof makeup.

#4 Multi-use products

Try a lip and cheek stain. Take BB cream instead of several other skincare products. Take foundation, lip balm or other beauty products with built in SPF to reduce the need for sunscreen on some areas.  Opt for a tinted moisturiser. While these multi-use products might not be ideal, they’ll open up plenty of luggage space.

#5 Cut the liquids

If you want to take cosmetics in your hand luggage, cut down on liquid products like foundation and opt for powders instead. You could also use stick deodorant instead of liquid or aerosol deodorant.

#6 Buying products abroad

If you know that you can grab the products you need at your destination, you could delay purchasing some until after your flight. Bear in mind that many beauty products are likely to be more expensive abroad, so do your research before travelling.

#7 Lost luggage

If you have some high value beauty products that you couldn’t bear to lose, leave them at home or see if you can fit them in your hand luggage. About 1 in 150 people lose their luggage while travelling each year, so decide if it’s a risk worth taking!

#8 Bag it

We’ve all experienced a moment of horror when opening a suitcase after a long trip and finding that our sunscreen/eyeshadow/foundation has exploded and covered everything else in the case! Avoid it this time: wrap items in kitchen roll or towels, and in plastic bags.

#9 Prep for the plane

The air in a plane is incredibly dry. To keep your skin in tip-top condition, use a rich moisturiser before the flight, and drink plenty of water.

Do you have any tips for travelling makeup and skincare addicts? Share them in the comments below!


2 comments on “Essential Travel Beauty Tips for Your Next Holiday

  1. Very practical and helpful tips! I’m always mortified when my fave product spills in the bag! Really need to start bagging everything. Great post!

    Pearl ~|

  2. Jessica rose blogs says:

    Great tips!
    Would mean a lot if you checked out my blog! Xx

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