Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Cologne

Whether your dad has more fragrances than you or he’s a complete newbie to the wonderful world of cologne, the right fragrance makes for a perfect Father’s Day gift! If you’re still stuck on what to get your dad this Father’s Day, a cologne could be the answer.

But how do you stop your gift gathering dust in his bathroom like all the other colognes your dad’s received? It’s going to take some planning…

Eau de cologne vs. eau de toilette vs. aftershave

First up, we need to get to grips with the different strengths of perfume. Fragranced aftershave typically only has 1-3% perfume oils – any stronger, and it would irritate the skin after shaving. Next up is eau de cologne, with 3-8% perfume oils. Then there’s eau de toilette, with 5-15%. Finally, there’s eau de parfum with 10-20%. We typically don’t see any stronger men’s fragrances.

However, when we refer to cologne, we’re not necessarily referring to eau de cologne, but men’s fragrances in general. It’s a little confusing!


While we’re on the subject, cologne strength is one of the first considerations you should make when picking out a fragrance for your dad. The perfume oil percentages we mentioned above usually dictate how long a fragrance lasts. If you think your dad would like a big, bold fragrance that stays put throughout the day and into the evening, look for eau de parfum or eau de toilette fragrances. For dads who appreciate a cologne that’s less showy, stick to aftershaves or eau de cologne.


As with women’s fragrances, men’s perfumes range drastically in price. Usually the cost is linked to a perfume’s strength, but you’ll also pay extra for certain brands! We recommend setting a budget (say, under £15, under £25, or under £50) before starting your search. Many fragrances will come packaged with extras like shower gel or deodorant, so factor this in when deciding on budget.


A fragrance says a lot about someone’s personality, so don’t get your dad a fragrance that doesn’t suit him!

Here are few tips:

  • Sports fragrances are light, citrussy and fresh. They tend to be relatively inoffensive and perfect for wearing in the day. They’re usually youthful and casual. Check out David Beckham’s Instinct Sport and L’Homme Sport by Lanvin to start off.

  • Spicy fragrances are complex and adventurous. Their scent tends to change dramatically in the hours after application, and often verge on gourmand – with notes like vanilla and cinnamon taking centre stage. Try out Touch for Men by Burberry or Hugo Red for examples of this kind of fragrance.

  • Classic men’s colognes are dominated by woody and leather notes. They tend to be masculine, long-lasting and sophisticated – more suited to colder weather than sunny days at the beach. Examples include Aramis and Terre d’Hermes.

If in doubt about your dad’s preferences, opt for aftershave instead of something heavier. If your dad likes it, give him the eau de toilette version next time!

Men’s fragrances might be unknown territory for most of us, but by doing your research you’ll soon find your way!

Ready to start looking for some fantastic fragrances for your dad? Head over to our selection of top-brand colognes at incredible prices!


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