The perfect wedding makeup guide

2-bridal-wedding-makeupThere is not much more beautiful than a late summer or early autumn wedding – other than the bride, of course. Delicate flowers against a dramatic backdrop of green grass and a grey-blue sky, the perfect dress, the ideal partner; they’re all part of the recipe for a wonderful wedding. Sweep your hair away from your face to save from the heat when you’re all packed into the reception hall, sport a flowing dress that allows you to breathe and enjoy the day in comfort with a smile on your face – but beware of your makeup!

The makeup you choose to wear to the wedding, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or a guest, will need to last the entire day and be able to tackle the myriad of kisses to cheeks, the tears and, quite possibly, the rain. The last thing you need is your mascara running down your face due to a sudden downpour or the unbearable heat of a hall full of people. It pays to be prepared.

Not only should you take into consideration your makeup’s ability to stand up to challenging weather, but the look you ought to go for too. It is common for the bride to appear natural and fresh faced, and it is unlikely to be well-received should a guest turn up looking ready for a heavy night out on the town. As a general rule, less is more, and nudes are best. Take a look at our guide to the perfect wedding makeup here…


To ensure your foundation lasts the entire day, a primer base is essential. It will prepare your skin for makeup and create a protective base that will make sure your foundation stays in place. Your skin will remain shine-free and it will help to erase any pores or fine lines, leaving you a smooth and perfect surface to work with! Try one of the beautiful primers we stock for the best results, apply it just after you’ve moisturised your face, and give it a moment to dry before applying anything else.


For a natural look, it is best to choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. The key to finding a good match is to check the colour in natural daylight, especially as on a wedding day you are likely to spend the majority of it in natural light. Avoid a ‘tide mark’ by checking your jawline for a build-up of foundation – that certainly won’t look good in the pictures!


It might seem like a little more makeup than you are used to, but by using a pressed powder before adding your blusher, your skin will be left with a silky-smooth finish. Unlike bronzer, this translucent powder can be topped up during the day and will not collect in creases or gather on blemishes. It simply gives your skin a photo-flawless look.


Apply a light eyeshadow to open up your eyes and make them stand out in those all-important photographs. Blending is key to good makeup, so if you want to add another colour near to the base of your lashes, make sure you work on blending it in, and try to always opt for lighter colours when attending a wedding, as dark colours can seem a tad out of place. Make your eyes seem wider by applying a lighter colour towards the centre and a slightly darker shade along the crease.


Even the best mascara will eventually flake away, so make sure you go for two coats, applying one immediately after the other to avoid clumping. Needless to say, the mascara you use should be waterproof to avoid black streaks running down your face during a teary moment, but also because they tend to last longer than others.


You are more than likely going to have to reapply your lipstick several times on the day, due to all the talking, eating and drinking (and smooching!) you’ll probably be doing, but if you make sure to choose a subtle shade, you can avoid it being as noticeable when it starts to rub off. We love Maybelline lipsticks, which add a refreshing colour to your lips while also hydrating them.

These wedding day makeup tips can be applied to anyone attending the wedding, are easy to do yourself and the makeup used can be found at a great price on the Direct Cosmetics website. Browse the website now for all of your beauty essentials.


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