How to: get flawless eyelashes without falsies

False eyelashes are a Marmite kind of deal: you either love them or hate them. Sure, the right set of false eyelashes can make you feel like Liz Taylor, but few of us wear them as part of our everyday look. After all, application can be a hassle – and you might also be concerned about allergies and infections.

Fear not! By taking your mascara game to the next level you can boost your lashes without the need for falsies. Here are our top tips for flawless lashes only using mascara!

#1 Curl

Okay, so you’ll need one more thing– an eyelash curler. Curling your eyelashes can make a huge difference to the end result. Always curl before applying mascara. If you apply the other way around, not only will you get mascara all over your curler, but mascara tends to make your lashes less flexible – so curling them won’t be as effective, and may even damage your lashes. When curling, remember to apply gentle pressure and hold still for 10-20 seconds. Any wiggling could pull lashes out!

#2 Multiple mascaras

These days, you’ll find that most mascaras are specialist mascaras, designed with a single purpose in mind, such as lengthening, thickening, or curling. That means that using a combo of mascaras might net you the best result. Try out different mascaras and learn which combination best suits your lashes and helps you achieve the outcome you’re after!

#3 Not all wands are the same

If your eyes are relatively small, look for mascara with smaller, narrower wands – this’ll help you get to the base of your lashes more easily. Curved wands tend to be more suited to curling (ideal if you want to skip using a curler), while traditional straight wands are better at building length. Plastic-bristled brushes tend to be better at keeping strands separate, but may struggle to hold lots of product. You can also find mascara with flexible wands (or, carefully bend the brush on a normal mascara wand) to create an angle that suits your eyes. Find mascaras with wands that work for you!

#4 Always remove excess

Even when you’re in a hurry, don’t forget to remove excess mascara on a tissue before applying. This’ll stop your lashes clumping.

#5 Volume

Want more volume? Here are two quick tips for you. First, once you’ve applied mascara in the normal way, look down and carefully apply a layer to the other side of your top lashes, too! You can also apply a little baby powder between each coat of mascara to add extra volume.

#6 TLC

Your mascara needs looking after if it’s to stay in tip-top condition. Rule number one: don’t pump your mascara! As tempting as it is, pumping the wand adds air into the tube, which only dries the product out faster. Instead, rotate the wand within the tube to get the right amount of product.

If your mascara has dried up slightly, tighten the lid and place the entire tube in some warm water. This’ll smooth out the product. However, don’t forget that your mascara should be replaced every few months! Bacteria love liquid makeup, so don’t risk the health of your eyes by using mascara that’s been opened beyond that!

There you have it – our top tips for boosting your lashes without the need for false eyelashes. Sure, false eyelashes are fab for nights out and special occasions, but good ol’ mascara can be all you need for flawless lashes!

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