How to Spruce Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring

Spring is almost here.  The new season is the perfect time to amend and adjust your beauty routine. As the weather eases, your skin changes and the sun finally emerges for more than a couple of hours each day, your skin and hair adjust to the new conditions. It’s smart to switch your beauty routine to adapt to these new beauty challenges – while also embracing spring with fun new lipstick shades and perfumes!

#1 Foundation

As the weather warms up, you should switch from a heavy foundation to a lighter one, or ditch it all together in favour of a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. This all depends on your skin type, of course, and how your skin responds to warmer conditions.

#2 Primer

If your foundation doesn’t last as well in spring as it does in winter, start using primer again. Primer helps keep your makeup in place for longer, while also making application smoother. You can even use primer as an alternative to foundation if you want a light, natural look that’s a little more polished than your bare face.

#3 SPF

Sure, we’re supposed to wear SPF products throughout winter, but it’s easy to abandon them when you don’t see the sun for weeks at a time! As spring approaches, get back into the habit of wearing sunscreen – or at least moisturiser or foundation with high SPF – every day.

#4 Waterproof makeup

Yep, it’s now time to restock on makeup that can withstand heat, hay fever, humidity, and April showers. Waterproof mascara should be top of your shopping list, but you’ll also want to consider waterproof eyeliner, bronzer, powder and foundation, too.

#5 Out with the old

Using last year’s waterproof mascara might actually put your eyes at risk. Old, opened liquid makeup (such as mascara and foundation) is particularly vulnerable to bacterial buildup. You should really replace these products every three-to-six months so that you aren’t spreading germs over your face! You can also use surgical spirit to clean off lipstick, eyeshadow, powders, and makeup brushes.

#6 Switch shades

Ditch the vampy winter lipstick and embrace warmer spring shades! Start getting more adventurous with eyeshadow, too – and remember that sunlight brings out colours in a very different way to glaring artificial light.

#7 Hair removal and tanning

If, like us, you tend to shave your legs sparingly over the winter season (after all, what’s the point!?), then it’s time to resume regular service. If you like to use body lotions that build up tans gradually, now’s the time to stock-up so you’re ready for sunny spring days.

#8 Spring perfumes

Phase out your heavier winter perfumes as the weather warms. Instead, find a lighter, fresher perfume that won’t be cloying in the summer heat. Many popular perfumes have summer counterparts, so if you’re attached to your winter fragrance you might not have to abandon it entirely!

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