What essentials are in your Valentine’s Day handbag?


Are you looking forward to your Valentine’s Day date night? Everyone wants to be wooed and romanced every once in a while, but there’s something about a Valentine’s Day first date that sends stress signals to the brain. ‘What should I wear, how should I do my hair, what if we don’t have anything to talk about?’ Luckily, we at least have  your Valentine’s Day cosmetics sorted with this list of essentials to keep in your handbag…



When packing your bag for a Valentine’s first date, pop a little stick of concealer in there for later. Naturally you’ll have looked to cover up any little imperfections before you strode out the door, but the lighting of a bar or restaurant might just show up a few blemishes you failed to spot at home. Keep your confidence glowing and the conversation flowing by touching up with your favourite concealer as and when you need to.


For many women, a Valentine’s Day date night means one thing: red lipstick. Red is the colour of romance and of passion, so it’s certainly an appropriate shade for February 14th. However, if you’re wining and dining with a new beau, you’re unlikely to have much of it left on your lips by the end of the night! Don’t forget to take a stick of lippy with you so that you’ll have plenty of colour left on your own face by the end of the date.



Flaky mascara is not one of the key ingredients in any woman’s recipe for romance. If there’s room in your handbag for a tube of your favourite mascara, you’ll be grateful for dropping it in should you need to reapply later in the night. Alternatively, use a flake-free product such as L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara and save yourself extra worry during the evening.



You may look the part, but what about your scent? Our sense of smell helps to lay down more permanent, evocative memories than any other sense, so if you’re anticipating an evening that will live long in the memory, be sure to bring a bottle of perfume you can spritz onto your pulse points when you need to enhance your allure. A 100ml bottle of your favourite fragrance will slip in your handbag without weighing it down.

Blotting paper

Even the most confident person can suffer an attack of date night nerves from time-to-time. If you start to feel anxious and your face begins to look a little shiny, what will you do to restore your flawless appearance and perfect composure once more? Taking a pack of blotting paper with you will allow you to absorb any excess oils and prevent your skin from looking too shiny, no matter how hot under the collar you might feel. If you’ve never used it before and you’re not sure how to start, you can always opt for a fine pressed powder instead.


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