The Dos and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts

It may only seem like days since Christmas, but Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! If you’re looking to buy a gift for your loved one that is a lot more interesting than the standard chocolates-and-flowers combo, beauty gifts like makeup and fragrances are a winning choice! Beauty gifts can be romantic, luxurious and sexy! But it all depends on the specific gifts that you can choose. If you’re struggling for ideas or are taking a bit of a risk with your partner’s Valentine’s Day beauty gift, check our dos and don’ts of Valentine’s gift-giving first!


DO listen

The easiest way to find the perfect gift idea for your Valentine is to listen to them! Don’t just listen out for them to tell you what they want, listen for other more indirect suggestions like “I’m running low on my favourite perfume” or “I’d really love to try out that moisturiser”. Also, listen out for their dislikes too! If your partner tells you they don’t like vanilla fragrances, remember that!

DON’T buy a gift for you

You may think that your boyfriend should really start wearing a certain cologne, but even if you love the fragrance, he needs to love it too! It’s all too easy to put your preferences above your partner’s when gift buying. Don’t make this mistake! The last thing you want to do on Valentine’s Day is to disappoint your partner with a selfish present.

DO set expectations

Good communication is a sign of a healthy relationship, and this definitely applies when buying Valentine’s gifts! It’s important to discuss your expectations. Maybe set a budget for both of you to follow, and discuss what kind of Valentine’s Day you’d like to have – a quiet night in or a lavish dinner at your favourite restaurant?


DON’T get deodorant or soap

The above items should never be gifted on Valentine’s Day unless your other half has significantly requested them or you have another gift to follow-up the first, cheeky gift! Never imply that your partner smells or their personal hygiene leaves something to be desired! Even if you think they’d appreciate a practical present like deodorant, don’t leave it until a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day!

DO have a snoop

Of course, don’t be ultra-creepy and sneak into their house to track down their favourite skincare products or foundation shade. Instead, next time there’s a good moment take a quick look through their makeup collection or enquire about the specific brand of beauty products that your partner uses.

DON’T buy only one gift

DO keep it personal

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