How to feel happy and healthy again after seasonal indulgence

With every Monday and the return to work, weekend parties can seem like a distant memory. However, the indulgent nature of your weekends can often mean that, rather than returning to work rested and ready to go, we begin the new week in a worse state than ever. The late nights, too much drinking and gorging on rich foods take their toll on our appearances – not to mention our bank balances. Weekends and seasonal parties such as Christmas, Valentines, Easter and festivals can leave you looking run-down and exhausted. But do not despair, using our favourite cosmetics, we can enjoy all the festive season has to offer and still sparkle come Monday morning.  


Too many late nights often take their toll around your eyes more than any other part of your face. If you don’t want people  to be able to tell just how many late nights you’ve enjoyed, try these fast and effective remedies for tired eyes.  A soothing skincare product will reduce puffy red eyes, while plenty of moisturiser is essential for skin repair. And of course, an under eye concealer will hide a multitude of sins.

Select your perfect concealer


While we may enjoy the rich diet, warm rooms and cheek-kissing that parties bring, our skin is likely to be less of a fan. If you’ve made the most of your weekend indulgences, chances are your skin will be suffering come Monday. Luckily we have a trio of low-cost cosmetics that will make your complexion glow.

 Face cleanser: This soap-free facial cleanser is much gentler than soap, which will fry your skin out. This cleanser will not only clean your skin, but will revitalise your complexion. A crucial step before reaching for your makeup.

 Moisturiser: A decent skin care routine can help combat most common complexion complaints, and moisturiser is often at the heart of that routine. First choose the right moisturiser for your skin type then apply after each time you wash your face, particularly before you go to bed or put on makeup.

Skincare products

Concealer: A decent concealer is an absolute must for hiding the sins of the night before. It’s a perfect way to re-energise your complexion while it’s recovering. Choose one that is a close match to your complexion and then apply to any pesky blemishes or spots.

Post-weekend cosmetics are something of a recovery mission, but once you’ve salvaged your complexion from its Saturday sins, you can embellish your look with other budget cosmetics.  There’s no better time for a new look than the start of a new week!

Makeup Under £5 - start the new year


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