Ten New Year’s Beauty Resolutions for 2017

Two years ago, we shared five new year’s beauty resolutions: clear out your makeup bag, never sleep with makeup on, try something new, wear SPF every day and spend less on top brands. How many of these resolutions did you aim for? How many did you keep?

This year, we’re back with some brand new beauty resolutions for 2017. If you’d like to make a beauty resolution this year, take a pick from the list below…

#1 Make a lifestyle improvement

‘Lose weight’ is always at the top of our new year resolution list, but when it comes to beauty, changing your lifestyle can make a significant difference. How about changing your diet, giving up smoking or drinking more water? If you want a more focused goal, try increasing your intake of key nutrients.

#2 Get more beauty sleep

Systematically depriving yourself of eight hours sleep stops your body (and mind) from recovering after a stressful day. This year, why not pledge to grab eight hours on more than just the weekend, or aim for an extra half-hour of sleep every weeknight?

#3 Take a break from heat

If you reach from the hair dryer and/or straighteners almost every day, you’ll know that you aren’t doing your hair any favours. This year, why not give your hair some love with some heat protection products, or a regular day off from heat?

#4 Stop squeezing spots

It’s oh-so-tempting to pick at spots – or squeeze them. However, research shows that doing so is only likely to spread bacteria further, increasing the size of breakouts and making them take longer to heal – or perhaps even leading to scarring! Sure, it’s OK to ‘lance’ some spots with a sterilised needle, but if you’re unsure, it’s always best to leave spots to heal naturally.

#5 Clean your makeup brushes regularly

We’re all guilty of forgetting to clean makeup brushes – at least not as often as we should! Perhaps this year’s beauty resolution should be to clean our brushes regularly, say, once a week. This’ll reduce the chance that you’ll apply bacteria to your face along with your makeup!

#6 Leave your comfort zone

You may have a skincare or makeup routine that you’ve honed over the years, but taking an occasional step out of your comfort zone can help you discover new products and new looks! Resolve to try something different at least once a month in 2017.

Elizabeth arden green tea

#7 Plan for the future

Anti-aging skincare shouldn’t start when you get your first wrinkle. If you’re still young enough to be line-free, stock up on anti-aging products now and give yourself a head start.


#8 Improve application

Is there one area of makeup that you’ve always struggled with? Maybe you avoid wearing eyeshadow or bright lipstick because you haven’t found an application method or style that works for you. This year, pledge to check out tutorials, practice your technique and improve your application method so that you can turn your beauty bugbear into something to be proud of!


#9 Take care of your hands/feet/eyes

There’s probably one area of skincare that you don’t quite put so much effort into. Maybe you don’t look after your feet or you don’t give the skin around your eyes as much care as you should. If you’re after a focused beauty resolution, try tackling a neglected area of your skin!

#10 Spend less on top brands

We’re going to have to repeat this beauty resolution because it’s super-important. We all love the luxury of leading brand cosmetics, but when money’s tight, it’s difficult to justify the spend. Here at Direct Cosmetics we offer top brand cosmetics at affordable prices – check out our latest deals for a taster!

Burts Bees Skincare Gift sEts


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