Christmas Party Beauty Prep: Your Complete Guide

Christmas party season is fast approaching. If you’ve got an office Christmas party, family festive do or other party obligations this season, you’re probably already planning your outfit(s). We all want to look our best at Christmas parties, and with a little bit of beauty preparation and a sprinkling of glitter, you can do just that!

Here’s our guide to Christmas party beauty prep!

Two weeks before

Finalise your outfit. Try on your dress and make sure it still fits! This will give you plenty of time to find a replacement if it doesn’t fit you in quite the same way as you hoped. Pair up shoes and accessories to make sure everything’s coordinated, and give the whole outfit a test run to see if it all works.

One week before

Now is the time to start planning your hairstyle! If you already have a style in mind, check out some tutorials on YouTube to see how to take your chosen style to the next level. Give it a test run and stock up on any hair styling products you need.

Do the same for your makeup! Perhaps you’ve lost your glittery red nail polish or you’re out of an eyeshadow shade. Avoid emergencies by checking your supplies now!

You might also want to use the week prior to treat yourself to a facial or have your eyebrows shaped.  Go on, spoil yourself!

One day before

If you’re avoiding tights and you want a tan, apply your tanning products one or two days before your night out. This’ll give you a chance to correct any mishaps and let the tan fade to a slightly more natural colour.

The eve of your Christmas party is also the ideal time for your manicure. Whether you’re trying super-complicated Christmas nail art or you’re merely opting for a glittery take on your favourite nail colour, it’s best to apply the day before so you don’t rush it and make mistakes! You can spend more time tomorrow fixing any chips.

On the day of the party

Dress? Tick. Shoes? Tick. Bag? Tick.

You should also know how to style your hair, and how long it’ll take, plus the makeup you’ll need to complete your look.

A final touch is to decide on your perfume. The right perfume can take an outfit from good to great! There are some fantastic winter fragrances out there with warming Christmassy-notes like cinnamon,  nutmeg and citrus fruits.

Give yourself plenty of time to apply makeup. We always like to have a back-up plan in case something goes awry – we recommend having an easier, quicker look planned for when time runs out on you!

After the party

When you get back from your night out, don’t forget to remove your makeup! You’ll thank yourself for it in the morning…

Drink plenty of water to limit the strength of your hangover and rehydrate!

What are your Christmas party plans this year? Are you going to try out some festive nail art or treat yourself to a new winter perfume? Let us know in the comments below!



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