Christmas 2016 Gift Guide: Five fabulous fragrances for her and him

The right fragrance makes the perfect Christmas gift. Fragrances are luxurious, personal – and most of all, special. Finding that perfect perfume is a little tricky. Body chemistry, personal preferences and even the climate all affect our impressions of a fragrance.

That makes a well-chosen fragrance gift even more special. This Christmas, why not treat someone to the perfect perfume? Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourites…

For Her

Oscar de la Renta – Espirit d’Oscar

Espirit d’Oscar is Oscar de la Renta’s original fragrance (Oscar) updated for the 21st century, but retains its classic character. Citrus top notes pass and make way for a complex floral heart, with long-lasting heliotrope, tonka and musk base notes. Grab this while you can, as it’s sadly been discontinued.

Perfect for: Classy, sophisticated women who enjoy oriental-floral fragrances and want an everyday perfume.65676_2

Calvin Klein – CK One

This ever-popular fragrance is over 20 years old – and there’s a reason it’s survived this long. It’s arguably one of the most iconic fresh fragrances of recent times – and it seems to work for almost everyone. It’s also classed as a unisex perfume, so feel free to steal a spritz!

Perfect for: Anyone who loves fresh, citrus scents and doesn’t want to wear anything too overpowering.17222

Vera Wang – Lovestruck

This is a youthful, romantic floral perfume with a twist – it has a dominant heart note of guava which gives this fragrance a fruity sweetness.

Perfect for: Younger women who love musky, floral fragrances and want a new everyday perfume for spring!54171

Rochas – Secret de Rochas Oud Mystere

You might not have heard of Rochas or this specific perfume, but this unique oriental floral scent is certainly worthy of your attention. What makes this fragrance stand is the oud at its heart. It’s far less daunting than other oud fragrances, combining its middle-eastern side with modern, floral notes. This is ‘Marmite’ fragrance – you’ll love it or hate it!

Perfect for: Fans of oriental floral fragrances that want something truly unique.




For Him

Giorgio Armani – Armani Code

The male version of Armani Code is just as successful as the women’s version that preceded it. Initial notes of citrus quickly pass to darker, more sophisticated notes of star anise, orange blossom and leather.

Perfect for: Men looking for a warm fragrance for winter nights out and romantic evenings in.67829

Tonino Lamborghini –  Classico

The Classico line includes an eau de toilette, aftershave, deodorant and shower gel – arguably the perfect gift set for him! If you’re just after the perfume, expect fruity citrus top notes, heart notes of aromatic sage, lavender and basil, and base notes of tonka beans, benzoin and amber wood.

Perfect for: Men after an aromatic but soft fragrance.65937

Calvin Klein – Contradiction for Men

This discontinued scent is still available to buy at some stores and online. Look out for top notes of lime, lavender, clementine and sage, followed by an aromatic spicy heart and woody base notes.

Perfect for: Men looking for an everyday citrus-woody scent.19059

Lanvin – Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a fantastic value scent from Lanvin, with punchy top notes of bergamot, pepper and juniper. At its aromatic heart is lavender, beeswax, nutmeg, with a base of tobacco and amber.

Perfect for: Lovers of long-lasting gourmand, spicy fragrances.50273_2

Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled

Boss Bottled is a classic men’s fragrance with fruity citrus top notes, cinnamon and mahogany heart notes, and a masculine base of sandalwood, vanilla and cedar.

Perfect for: Men who want a classic masculine fragrance for the winter.67792_2

Which perfume will you be treating your partner or loved one to this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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