Top Halloween makeup ideas for 2016

If you’re planning to dress up as Harley Quinn, a Pokémon trainer, or your favourite Star Wars/Game of Thrones/Marvel character for this year’s Halloween party, the makeup you opt for is kinda obvious – something that fits the character.

However, if you’d like this year’s Halloween costume to be centred on your incredible makeup skills instead of a pop culture character, it might be a little trickier to find inspiration.

This year, the Direct Cosmetics team share their favourite show-stopping Halloween makeup ideas for 2016. Which is your favourite?

#1 Black and white/grayscale

Match grayscale makeup with a monochrome outfit to seem like you’ve walked straight out of a film from Hollywood’s golden age! This look is certainly different to your standard makeup routine, but it definitely makes an impact. First of all, take a black and white photo of your face so that you can clearly see the shades of grey you’ll need for this look. You’ll probably need to head to a specialist costume makeup store to grab the grey cream makeup that acts as the base for this look, but you can supplement it with your usual dark eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow where you need to use darker colours.

We also recommend curling your eyelashes and adding false lashes to get that classic film star look.  Unless you have grey eyes, you’ll need to grab some grey coloured contact lenses to maintain the look – and if you don’t have dark hair, opt for temporary hair dye or a retro black wig.

Tutorial: Stella Rose Saint Clair

#2 Half-skeleton

This classic Halloween makeup idea is still awesome! It works like this – one half of your face is made up glam and beautiful, whilst the other half takes on a skeletal vibe. The typical way to do this is to split the face vertically, but you’ll find some tutorials where the split is horizontal.

The ‘glam’ half of your makeup should be fairly straightforward, but you’ll need to use very dark gel eyeliner or black face paint to help turn the other half of your face into a skull! Use this dark colour to create eyesockets, ‘remove’ half of your nose, and mark out your ‘teeth’ and ‘jaw’.

Our favourite thing about this look is that you can make it as simple or complex as you need – extend  your ‘skeleton’ down to the neckline of your outfit, and even to your hands!

Tutorial: Pollyanne B and Chrisspy

#3 Comic book/pop art

Want something bolder? Transform yourself into a comic book character! Prime your face as usual, then apply foundation – you could opt for a lighter shade than usual for maximum contrast. Next, use black facepaint or your boldest blackest eyeliner to outline your features. Paint over your eyebrows, down your nose, where your nostrils meet your face, along your jaw and hairline, around your lips and also your ears. You could etend these lines down your neck tendons and to your collarbone if the outfit requires it.

The next step is to add dramatic colour to your lips and eyes to contrast with these bold lines. Take inspiration from pop art and comic books and use extremely bright, saturated colours. Leave a small rectangle on your bottom lip free of colour. Here, apply white lipstick or liner for a neat reflection detail! If you want to go for the full comic look, apply regular red or white dots of makeup across your entire face using lip liner or face paint – this takes a long time, but looks awesome!

Tutorial: Best Halloween Blog

So, which is your favourite Halloween makeup idea? Which makeup routine are you planning for this Halloween? Don’t forget to stock up on supplies at Direct Cosmetics!


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