How to wear pumpkin eyeshadow

fotolia_43544815_sEvery season, the eyes of the fashion world turn to the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York and to the new collections of the world’s top designers in order to spy the trends set to take the industry by storm. Style-conscious women the world over, then, won’t have failed to spot the pumpkin/bronze eyeshadow trend that debuted on the Givenchy catwalk earlier in the year. This soft orange eyeshadow look is set to be a popular trend throughout this autumn and winter, but should you climb aboard the bandwagon, and if so, how can you perfect the look yourself? Take a look at our perfect pumpkin eyeshadow guide and pick up the best priced branded cosmetics from our online store to start experimenting…

Who should wear it?

The pumpkin eyeshadow trend is ideal for those women looking to make their eyes serious assets. Women with small eyes can benefit from the lightening effects of a soft, bright eyeshadow, as it can make their eyes look bigger, brighter, wider and more open. Furthermore, women with naturally blue eyes will find that the contrast between the blue of their irises and the orange of the eyeliner will really make their eyes pop. This ‘90s-inspired look can work well with all kinds of complexions.

How should I apply it?

There’s a knack to applying pumpkin eyeshadow that will go a long way towards determining whether the look works for you or not. Apply the product to both your upper and lower lids up to the curve of your eye socket, giving the skin around your eyes a brightened, rejuvenated lift. It pays to avoid pairing the look with dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, too, as there’s something about the combination of pumpkin orange and black that puts across a distinctly ‘Halloween’ vibe! Team the look with nude makeup, a subtle application of bronzer or a bright matching lip shade to make a bold statement.

What product should I buy?

Picking the right eyeshadow shade for you requires patience and skill. As we mentioned before, the contrast between blue eyes and subtle orange eyeshadow can work particularly well for some women, but pumpkin eyeshadow can also be used to add warmth to brown or hazel eyes. Try to avoid oranges that are too bright or lurid (unless you’re really committed to a statement eye look!) and instead opt for the subtler autumnal shades of the spectrum. We have a huge range of suitable shades, and you may find that bronze or coral shades work well to ease your way into the trend.

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