Ten autumnal makeup essentials for budget beauty buffs

Autumn makeupNow that the summer is coming to an end, beauty buffs like ourselves are beginning to stare wistfully into our cosmetics cabinets at home, longing to replace that light floral fragrance and that summery, shimmery body powder. How can we manage that transition from summer to autumn without breaking the bank? Fortunately, retailers such as Direct Cosmetics sell big brand name cosmetics at bargain prices. Here are ten autumnal makeup essentials for you budget beauty buffs out there.

1: BB cream – Essential for rejuvenating your skin and smoothing your skin tone after a hot summer spent in the out of doors. BB cream is a top autumn cosmetic purchase, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on the Direct Cosmetics web store.

2: Autumnal fragrance – If you chose it properly, your summer fragrance would have been light and airy, floral, fresh or fruity. For autumn, switch to something a little warmer and a little heavier – your scent needs to reflect the change in the seasons.

3: Concealer – When isn’t concealer an essential part of your cosmetics collection? With the wind, rain and cold temperatures of autumn likely to cause dry skin, breakouts and uneven skin tone, it’s time to top up your concealer.

4: Metallic eyeliner – The metallic eye trend has been hot throughout 2016, and promises to continue in popularity through autumn/winter of this year. Grab yourself some metallic eyeliner to commit to the trend yourself.

5: Warm lipcolour – Summer has been a time for ‘nude’ cosmetics looks – we love the low maintenance look when the sun is out. However, with the leaves falling from the trees and the days drawing in once more, splash on some warm, autumnal lip colours to transition into the season.

 6: Brow pencil – The brow is back. No more pencil-thin eyebrows for us! Give your brows some bold definition this autumn with the help of a brow pencil.

7: Body moisturiser – Looking after your skin in the cold can be a challenge. To prevent the weather from drying out your skin, invest in a good body moisturiser this autumn.

8: Foundation with SPF – It’s all too easy to make the mistake of thinking that sun care is only for the summer months. Kick aging into touch by wearing foundation with SPF throughout autumn and winter.

9: Haircare – There are numerous hairstyle trends to take on board this autumn. Will you be looking to perfect some mermaid-style waves or adopt a sleek ponytail? Either way, you’ll need some haircare products to help you.

10: Colourful blush – It’s time to start injecting some colour into your life this autumn. Warmth is the watchword, so choose a blush in amber, chestnut, copper or gold shades.

All of these brand name cosmetics and more besides are available on the Direct Cosmetics website. Why not check us out and replenish your makeup cabinet in time for autumn?


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