Five of our fave celebrity perfumes

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Celebrity-endorsed perfumes have a bad rep amongst fragrance connoisseurs. They’re seen as blatant cash-ins and attempts to milk more money out of a celebrity’s brand, with little regard for the quality and individuality of the fragrance itself.

While this might be true for some celebrity perfumes, here at Direct Cosmetics we believe that there are many fantastic celebrity fragrances on the market – and they’re often affordable and accessible to all.

Struggling to find a celebrity perfume that works for you? Here are five of our favourites to try out!

#1 Jennifer Lopez – Still

Lo’s released over a dozen fragrances under her lifestyle brand, and there are several gems in this ever-growing line-up. Fragrance fans will remember Glow as her first fragrance in 2002, and its success paved the way for others, including the stunning Deseo for Men.

Our favourite J. Lo fragrance is Still. Still stands out amongst celebrity fragrances in its minimalism and freshness. Its dominant top notes are tea and orange, which give way to gentle white florals including jasmine and lily of the valley.

Still is long-lasting, classy, and subtle. If you’re sceptical about the quality of celebrity perfumes, we recommend giving Still a shot.

#2 Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely

Another celeb fragrance that’s stood the test of time is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. First launched in 2005, Lovely is a musky, floral fragrance that’s not as a bold as your standard celebrity perfume. With citrus and lavender top notes, this fragrance soon develops into soft, clean middle notes of patchouli and orchid, with a undeniably musky base.

Lovely certainly lives up to its name – it’s a pleasant perfume that’s discrete yet elegant. Want to try out another Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance? We also recommend Twilight – a warmer, sexier, spicier perfume than its sister fragrance.

#3 Britney Spears – Fantasy

Britney’s released nearly 20 fragrances during her time in the spotlight, so it’s difficult to pick our favourite! Fantasy is a fruity gourmand fragrance with vibrancy and warmth. It’s definitely for the young at heart, as its sweetness may be off-putting for some. However, Fantasy isn’t cloying, and the sweeter notes pass to bring fresher notes of jasmine and orchid.

Fantasy certainly won’t win everyone over, but if you’re after an example of a sweet celebrity fragrance that works, give it a shot! If you’d rather a more floral perfume, try out Britney’s first effort – Curious.

#4 Beyoncé – Heat Rush

Bey’s also released several endorsed fragrances. While there are several that we probably wouldn’t recommend, we love Heat Rush – a fruity, tropical summer fragrance that’s certainly a mood lifter!

Blood orange, passionfruit and cherry dominate initially, before making way for a floral, musky dry down. Heat Rush isn’t for everyone – some may find it overwhelming or sickly depending on body chemistry and climate – but for those of us who love fruity scents, Heat Rush is a must!

#5 Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift has only released a handful of branded fragrances, and our favourite is a spin-off of her first: Wonderstruck Enchanted. Two scents dominate this fragrance – vanilla and wild berries. As you can imagine, these notes make Wonderstruck Enchanted a warm, wintery fragrance that’s perfect for the colder months.

The fruitier notes pass to leave a woody base that some will love, and some will hate – we love it!

There you have it – five celebrity perfumes that don’t deserve to be ignored. At the time of writing, all of these fragrances are available to buy at a discount from the Direct Cosmetics webstore. Move quickly – stock won’t last long with these great deals!

We’d love to know which celebrity fragrances you wear and love. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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3 comments on “Five of our fave celebrity perfumes

  1. j.yorke says:

    poison, youth dew,lulu, rhianna black.

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