Five weird celebrity beauty treatments

beautiful woman applying cosmetic cream

At first glance, the life of a celebrity seems enviable – endless red carpet events, the chance to wine and dine with some of the most talented people in the world, not to mention the opportunity to get paid to wear designer dresses! Being in the spotlight 24/7 must also be exhausting – think about the constant pressure to look flawless, even when you’ve just left the gym!

Given that appearance remains (sadly!) vital to many celebrities’ careers, it’s little wonder that many celebs go to such huge efforts to look their best – including resorting to some beauty treatments that are a little bizarre! While cupping and vampire facelifts may now be available at a beauty salon near you, these treatments haven’t quite made the jump..

#1 Eating clay

The Divergent starlet Shailene Woodley swears by eating clay to keep herself healthy. Shailene claims that the clay binds with toxins and metals in the body, allowing them to be purged more easily. The science is shakey at best, but even if it was sound, we wouldn’t be in a hurry to start munching on clay! Scientists reckon that non-food grade clay might even contain arsenic or lead – eek!

#2 Sheep placenta facials

Harry Styles and Victoria Beckham are amongst the stars to have dabbled in placenta facials. Okay, so let’s clarify – you don’t get a fresh sheep placenta slapped on your face! Instead, you get various beauty products applied containing placenta. The idea behind this treatment is that placentas contain stem cells – cells that can develop into many other types of cell, therefore rejuvenating the skin.

Sadly, the science tells us that stem cells need certain conditions to remain alive. Seeing as the placentas are frozen, stored for a while and then heavily processed into beauty products, it’s extremely unlikely any of the stem cells will remain active when applied to the skin. However, your skin should still feel good after the procedure – the products are no doubt packed with more reliable ingredients too!

#3 Bird poo facials

Also known as the Geisha facial, bird poo facials use the droppings from nightingales. It’s a practice that originated in Korea over a thousand years ago, which Japanese Geishas and actors then adopted to remove the white makeup they wore and balance their skin tone.

It’s not clear precisely how the droppings work, but they contain a high concentration of urea, which is known for its moisture-locking properties. Additionally, the guanine in the concoction is known as ‘pearl essence’ and is said to make the skin bright and shimmery!

Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham have both reportedly tried this type of facial.

#4 Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber at a temperature below -100 °C for 2-4 minutes. Sounds crazy? Well, it actually works. Many elite athletes use cryotherapy as part of the recovery process, as the treatment is said to boost circulation and the immune system. Your body will also respond with a rush of endorphins – which reduce pain perception and give you a temporary high!

Celebs such as Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore reckon cryotherapy has beauty benefits too – perhaps helping skin recover and rejuvenate in the same way it helps athletes recover from fatigue.

#5 Cat litter face mask

Here’s a beauty treatment that could save you some money. Instead of resorting to expensive clay masks and exfoliators, why not use unscented cat litter (mixed only with water) as an exfoliant? Jersey Shore celeb Snooki, plus beauty vlogger Michelle Phan are amongst its advocates.

Sadly, dermatologists reckon this facial could do more harm than good. The large, jagged shape of cat litter is likely to tear your skin – and some brands of cat litter contain chemicals found in house insulation and are known to be toxic to humans. Best stick to your usual face mask!

What do you make of these celeb beauty treatments? Will you be calling your nearest salon to see which bizarre treatments they offer, or will you take the sensible (and scientifically sound) route of tried and tested skincare products?

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