Makeup tips for every age group

Every beauty enthusiast knows that we need to treat our skin differently as we age – but have you considered that you should be changing how you apply makeup, too?

Today on the Direct Cosmetics blog we look at makeup application tips for every decade – so whether you’re in your teens or your sixties, we hope we can give you a few pointers!

Teens and 20s

At this age, your skin is practically flawless – aside from the occasional spot or outbreak of acne! You have no lines or blemishes to worry about, so bold colours and complex makeup designs are relatively easy for you to pull off.

Therefore, during your teens and twenties don’t be afraid to experiment. At this age, makeup should be fun! Try out different shades and combinations and styles. Figure out your undertones, face shape, and which lipstick shades suit you best.

We’re not going to talk much about skincare in this blog post, but at this age it’s important to start using SPF skincare products! Your skin will thank you later in life…


During this decade, it’s likely your first wrinkles will appear. You’ll have more responsibilities and less time to dedicate to your makeup routine.

If you’re in your thirties, start looking at time-saving products such as BB creams and tinted moisturisers. Opt for shades, colours and products that are versatile. Find a couple of lipstick shades that are easy to wear and apply, and also fit the workplace or a date night.

Start toning down colours. Opt for subtler shades, use more neutrals or use colour more sparingly. What worked for you in your teens may look garish in your thirties.


As well as fine lines, you now have to deal with skin tone that’s becoming increasingly uneven – and perhaps you’re starting to lose your natural glow.

Foundation, primer, and concealer become ever more important as you look to even out your skin tone and create a strong base for your makeup.

Again, you’ll want to use colour with care – stick with classic combos and tone down today’s most dramatic trends.


During this decade, you may find that your features become a little lost as your skin loses elasticity. Eyeliner and lip liner are your best friends – choose which features you’d like to show off and define them using makeup. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of mascara, either.

Additionally, use highlighter and blusher to boost your natural glow, which tends to fade as you age. This might also be the decade to ditch powder for good. Your skin loses its natural moisture with age, so oily skin can actually work in your favour! Powder will only sink into your lines and make your complexion seem heavy.

As your lips start to thin, ditch the matte lipsticks for gloss variants. These will make your lips appear fuller.

60s and onwards

Many of the tips we mentioned for your 50s also apply here. Wear lightweight makeup and use products to enhance glow. You’ll probably also want to fill in your eyebrows if you didn’t already, but don’t be heavy-handed.

Overall, aging is a natural process that we shouldn’t be afraid of! Whilst the role of makeup changes as you age, there’s no reason you can’t still have just as much fun with it in your sixties as you did in your teens.

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