Five of our favourite summer colours (and how to add them to your beauty routine)

sunIt’s the height of summer – gardens, parks, and the countryside are alight with colour! Summer colours remind us of bold and beautiful flowers, the heat of the beach and refreshing dips in the sea.

Summer colours are bright, dramatic, and all too fleeting – so let’s celebrate them while they’re still here!

Today, the Direct Cosmetics team share their favourite summer colours, and how you might add a hint of them to your makeup routine this season.


Aqua is the colour of tropical seas. It conjures images of lazy holidays by the beach, sea life, and swimming pools. It’s warm but refreshing. Above all, it’s a stunning shade that rarely forms a part of the typical makeup palette.

As with many of the summer colours, you’d have to be brave to wear aqua on your lips. Most of us should instead look to add some aqua to our eyes through eyeshadow. Wearing aqua (or turquoise) eyeshadow alone might seem a little too cutesy, but when paired with strong eyeliner wings or blended with a more neutral colour, aqua quickly becomes ultra-glamorous! Check out easyNeon’s tutorial to see this look in action.


Summer brings warm colours to the forefront, and orange is perhaps the boldest of the lot. When we think of orange, we picture sun, fresh orange juice and striking summer sunsets.

In the cosmetics world, we typically associate burnt oranges and coppers with autumn makeup, but more vibrant orange tones are perfect for summer.

Whilst it’s easy to add a hint of orange to your eyeshadow, it can be more challenging to find the right shade of orange for your lips. If you have darker skin, orange-red lipsticks tend to be the most flattering. If you have pale skin, corals are likely to suit you. True oranges usually work best for olive skin tones. Alternatively, throw the rulebook out the window and give neon orange a spin!


Mid-blues such as cornflower, cobalt, azure, royal blue and sapphire are stunning summer colours that we see in bright blue summer skies and flowers such as irises and orchids. We adore these particular shades of blue, and they can be extremely versatile makeup shades, too.

It’s easy to combine mid-blues with frosty colours and cool metallics for wintery looks, but for summer, be bolder. Consider using blue eyeliner or mascara for a show-stopping summer look. For something a little more subtle, pair blue eyes with a flattering shade of pink lipstick or gloss. Perhaps our favourite mid-blue makeup idea is to use a combination of mid-blue and warm orange eyeshadows with a gradient on the upper lids.


Not every summer colour is bright. Orange, purple and pink pastel colours make us think of some of the less showy, but equally beautiful summer flowers.

When used by themselves, pastel shades can seem a little washed out, particularly when it comes to eyeshadow. However, if you combine shades you’ll get far more interesting results! Check out Pinterest’s pastel makeup board for endless inspiration.

Bright reds

Crimson, ruby and scarlet – three bright summer reds that we can’t get enough of.

Red is a colour that’s easier to get right on your lips than pairing it with your eyes. Unless the shade is spot on, red eyeshadow can make your eyes look tired, or worse, bruised!

However, red lipstick isn’t seen as particularly summery – instead, we’re reminded of Christmas and winter glamour! Still, there’s no harm in rocking red lippy this summer, but toning down the rest of your look will make it lighter and less wintery! Orange-red shades will also seem warmer than true red lipstick.

There are many other summer colours we haven’t mentioned – magenta, yellow and lime green to name a few.

How do you like to mix-up your makeup for the summer? Tweet us and let us know!



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