Travelling light: how to pack cosmetics for your summer getaway

travel_bannerThe summer holiday season is within touching distance. The getaway that you booked in the depths of winter is on the horizon, and you’re starting to get excited about a lazy week on the beach at your destination. When the time comes to pack your suitcase and head to the airport, you almost always face a predictable problem: running out of space in your suitcase or hand luggage.

We all envy vacationers who can make do with hand luggage for a weekly trip or pack their suitcase so efficiently that half of it is left free for souvenirs. Cutting down on clothes is perhaps the easiest way to find space in your suitcase, but reducing the size of your makeup bag can also help! If you struggle to decide which cosmetics and skincare products to take with you on holiday and want to pack more efficiently, here are our top tips:

#1 The weather and the type of travel

If you’re off to a destination that’s bound to be hot and humid, your usual makeup routine won’t stand a chance. You may even wish to forego makeup altogether, given the effort it’ll take to keep patching up throughout the day. If you expect your trip to involve plenty of hiking or adventuring, choose makeup and skincare products that are practical rather than pretty. Think about when and where you’ll go out and whether you need to dress up or dress down for certain occasions and attractions.

#2 Multi-purpose items

Instead of moisturiser, foundation and primer – take BB or CC cream! Look for those with decent SPF ratings and you may be able to cut back on sunscreen, too. There are plenty of products out there that can be used as blush and lip stain, and you could even use a bronzer/highlighter palette as eyeshadow! You could also use brown eyeshadow to fill your brows and line your eyes.

#3 Reducing liquids

Opting for hand luggage only with today’s liquid limits makes it tough to fit your cosmetics on-board. Even if you opt for travel size cosmetics, you’ll soon be short of space in your 20 x 20 cm bag when you take into account sunscreen, skincare products, cosmetics, toothpaste and deodorant. Cut down on liquids by switching gels and creams for other items, such as makeup wipes, mineral foundation, and pencil eyeliner.

#4 Lost luggage

You should also consider leaving your most expensive makeup products at home – particularly if you’re not taking them in your hand luggage. Instead, search for budget alternatives (or products that are nearly used up) so that if you lose your luggage, it’s a minor annoyance rather than a hugely expensive mistake.

#5 Transfer products to smaller containers

Buy some tiny jars or plastic bottles for your favourite cosmetics. If you’re only going a short trip, you might find that travel-size skincare and haircare products are too large. Instead, transfer some of these products into smaller containers so they take up less room in your suitcase.

If you’re feeling particularly dedicated, you can even make your own eyeshadow palette by breaking up separate eyeshadows, mixing them with surgical spirit or rubbing alcohol, and repressing them in a smaller palette.

#6 Save your samples

What should you do with all those sample sachets you find in magazines? Save them for your next holiday or short break! If you subscribe to any beauty boxes, you’ll definitely have some samples that are the ideal size for travel. These samples will be much smaller than even travel-size cosmetics, so they’re a good option for weekends away.

There you have it – six tips to give you a little more luggage room during your summer getaway, so you don’t need to worry about packing and can focus on your holiday.

Here’s one more tip – head to the Direct Cosmetics webstore if you’re after top-brand travel-size cosmetics and toiletries at incredible prices!



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