Festival hair and makeup inspiration: five celeb looks

Group of friends having fun together

You’re probably sleeping in a field, you’re almost certainly hungover, and you definitely haven’t managed your full eight hours. The festival experience is rarely as glamorous as celebrities would have you think. While Kate Moss and co. benefit from personal stylists and glamp it up during their visits to Worthy Farm and Bramham Park, the rest of us make do with a handful of cosmetics and a compact mirror. Still, there are plenty of festival style tips we can glean from festival-frequenting celebs.

Kate Moss

The undisputed queen of festival style, supermodel Kate Moss practically defined festival fashion during her visit to Glasto in 2005 – and she brought British brand Hunter back from the brink by donning their stylish wellies. In terms of hair and makeup, Kate tends to go natural – opting for a spot of salt spray for an effortless tousled look.

Key product: SPF foundation

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung takes her signature ‘60s style to the festivals too – but she often pairs cutesy dresses with a leather jacket or biker boots to add a hint of grunge to her outfits. Alexa often ties back her hair at festivals (again, sticking to her half-up, half-down trademark) or holds it back with a hairband. You’ll also see from festival snaps that Alexa doesn’t abandon her usual cat-eye! Once you’ve mastered the flick, you’ll have no problem recreating it in your tent!

Key product: Liquid eyeliner

Cara Delevingne

The model of the moment (and the past few years!) is famous not only for her bold eyebrows but also for her wilder side! Cara Delevingne’s festival fashion is decidedly low-key – she tends to wear slouchy casual trousers with camis and jackets, or even the old jeans and t-shirt combo. Cara’s also known for going sans-makeup when she’s off duty, but she almost certainly still gives her brows some attention!

Key product: Brow brush

Daisy Lowe

Another regular on the festival circuit, Daisy Lowe’s festival stylebook contains almost everything: denim hotpants, fringed skirts, floral dresses, wellies, crop tops… the list goes on. Daisy also tends to go for low-maintenance makeup during festivals, opting for simple, natural makeup with just a hint of blusher.

Key product: Blusher

Rita Ora

New X-Factor judge Rita Ora goes down a decidedly different route when she’s chilling backstage or watching other acts at festivals. She never strays far from classic red lippy and matching nails – certainly not the easiest combo but one that looks fab if you can pull it off with confidence!

Key product: Red lipstick

Ultimately, almost every celebrity festival-goer advises to wear the clothes and makeup that you’re most comfortable in. Muddy music festivals aren’t the right time for complex up-dos and lengthy makeup routines – the results may soon be ruined by sweat, mud, and of course, rain! Still, at the very least you’ll need to stock up on the basics before you head out. Perhaps some travel size cosmetics will fit the bill?

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