Festival hair and makeup inspiration: five celeb looks

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You’re probably sleeping in a field, you’re almost certainly hungover, and you definitely haven’t managed your full eight hours. The festival experience is rarely as glamorous as celebrities would have you think. While Kate Moss and co. benefit from personal stylists and glamp it up during their visits to Worthy Farm and Bramham Park, the rest of us make do with a handful of cosmetics and a compact mirror. Still, there are plenty of festival style tips we can glean from festival-frequenting celebs.

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Top tips for kissable lips

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#National Kissing Day is on June 24th! This year, the organisers are once again asking you to name the most kissable celebs, so head over to their site if you’d like to have your say. Last year’s winners were the stunning Holly Willoughby and style icon David Beckham – we can’t disagree with those results!

National Kissing Day’s goal is to encourage all to “appreciate the importance of a kiss and to spread the love.” Of course, to take part you’ll want to have kissable lips!

Whether or not you’re planning on celebrating on the 24th of June, we all want to have kissable lips all year round! Here’s how to give your lips some TLC and pick out the perfect lipstick shade for you! Continue reading