Are you set for summer? How to prep your makeup bag for the summer months


Straw hat, bag and sun glasses  on a tropical beach

Summer is almost upon us! No doubt your thoughts have turned to a long-planned summer holiday, lazy days at the beach or weekends spent sunbathing in the park. As the seasons change, the makeup and skincare products you use should change too, because different types of product are suited to different weather conditions.

If you need to stock up on beauty products for the summer months but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a quick guide on how to prep your makeup bag for the summer months.

Step 1: Spring clean

Clear out your makeup bag and stash of skincare products. Here’s a detailed guide on how to refresh your cosmetics and know which products to bin. During this process, it’s likely you’ll rediscover lost products and find that you’re missing some key summer items!

Step 2: Set your budget and priorities

How much do you want to spend on cosmetics and skincare products for the summer? You can either set one budget for a big purchase, or choose a monthly budget to see you through the summer. Depending on your budget, you may have to prioritise certain purchases. We recommend you start with…

Step 3: Skincare

Your skin takes a huge beating from UV radiation during the summer, and if you plan to take a long break on the beach, you better make sure you have the products to protect your skin. Sunscreen is a must – most dermatologists will recommend SPF 30 as a minimum. Sunscreen is pretty pricey these days, so start stocking up early – or check out our website for some great discounts.

You may also want to prep your skin for your holiday. Top up on hair removal products, and check you have plenty of self-tanning supplies ready for a pre-holiday glow.

Step 4: Summer-friendly makeup

It’s a good idea to top up on SPF makeup, too – particularly foundation and lip balm. It’s easy to forget that your lips need protecting from the sun, too.

Switch out your heavier winter makeup for something a little lighter. We like to switch to BB cream or tinted moisturiser for the summer months, as a replacement for several heavier products. Remember to check for SPF ratings. Lightweight setting powder is a summer essential for those of us with oily skin, as it helps to fight the inevitable shine!

Don’t forget waterproof mascara, either!

Step 5: Haircare

Everyone’s hair responds differently to heat and humidity, but frizz is a common summer beauty issue that affects many of us. Stock up on conditioner and frizz taming serums or hairsprays. Reduce the amount of heat applied to your hair by cutting down on straightening and drying.

Step 6: Enjoy the summer!

Now you’re well prepared for everything the elements can throw at you, look forward to your summer adventures!

If you want to stock up on summer beauty essentials, your bank account will thank you if you do so through Direct Cosmetics’ online store – we’ve got fantastic discounts on products from the biggest brands in beauty.

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