Six tips to help you master ‘no-makeup’ makeup

Young woman with perfect skin removes clean wet hair back isolated on white background‘No-makeup’ makeup is for those days where you want to go natural – but not too natural. When executed perfectly, ‘no-makeup’ makeup give you the appearance of having rolled out of bed in the morning with natural radiance and enthusiasm – and not with the reluctance and tiredness that you usually have to contend with!

Natural makeup is ideal for days where you don’t have the time or inclination for a heavier look, but it can be difficult to find the balance between too much and too little makeup. If you’re struggling to master ‘no-makeup’ makeup, here are some tips that might help.

#1 Cleanse and cover

Gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin before you begin. Next, you have a couple of options. You can choose to use a tinted moisturiser or, use a moisturiser followed by a sheer foundation. Your goal here isn’t to create an entirely flawless base – just to even out your skin tone. Follow with concealer if you need to. Blend well. Avoid covering moles and freckles if you want to commit completely to the no-makeup look. If you have oily skin, apply powder.

#2 Hints of highlighter

For this look, you certainly want to avoid a pasty, mask-like foundation finish. A sneaky way to avoid this is to use hints of highlighter on your cheeks, nose, chin and above your brows. The goal is to mimic natural shine.

#3 Use warm, cream blush

Opt for a warm shade of blusher that’s comparable to your natural flush. Warm peaches and pinks work well, but it all depends on your skin tone. Cream blushers tend to look more natural and less cakey than powders.

#4 Subtle eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow that’s slightly darker than your normal skin tone. Blend well, and make sure there are no harsh edges. For this look, your eyeshadow should draw attention to your eyes and not steal the show!

#5 Tightlining

Tightlining is a method of applying eyeliner that you really ought to try! It aims to ‘fill out’ your lashes and make them appear fuller at their roots. This GIF tightlining tutorial is the best way to learn this technique! Remember to avoid applying liner to the inner corners of your eyes – it’ll look too heavy for what we’re after. You can apply some mascara if you like, but keep it to a couple of coats at most.

#6 Lip lining

Onto another type of lining! Apply nude lip liner before filling out your lips with balm, a neutral lipstick or gloss, and blend well. This’ll give your lips a little more volume than usual – something you might be after if you don’t feel neutral lipstick alone is providing enough of a boost. Of course, this is optional, and you might prefer to skip this step.

Happy with the result? We all have different preferences when it comes to natural makeup, so keep tweaking your technique until you’ve found the method that’s right for you.

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