Why transitional skincare?

concept of cosmetic skin care.  face of young woman with dry skiWhen we look in our cosmetic cabinets and browse through all of the cosmetics we’ve accrued over the years, we’ll probably spot a few indispensable items that scarcely leave our side, a couple of firm favourites that get a run-out at parties and on special occasions, and a whole host of items that are lucky to get a look-in once or twice a year. What we should see when we look in our cosmetic cabinets, however, are two entirely different sets of cosmetics: one for the summer months and another set entirely for use during the winter. We’re not talking about seasonal style trends here, either – we’re talking skincare. So why should you change your skincare routine as the winter moves into summer once more? Read on to find out.

Winter wear and tear

The winter months will pose a number of different challenges to the health of your skin. The cold weather, the moisture in the air and the effects of the wind and rain will all amount to daily wear and tear if you aren’t careful, so it’s important to make the transition from your summer cosmetic collection to some more winter-appropriate products when the time is right.

  • Moisturising

    Keeping your skin from drying out and becoming raw or cracked can be a bit of a challenge during the colder months of the year. As we mentioned earlier, our moisturiser guide will help you to choose an appropriate product for the wintry weeks and months.

  • Heavier makeup

    While a lighter cream may be perfect for the heady days of summer, the winter months signal that the time is right to switch back to heavier products, such as cream foundation, that provide greater protection from the elements. Don’t eschew SPF protection completely, however – even though it may not feel like it, those UV rays can get through in winter time, too!

  • Two in one cleanser/toner

    Investing in a gentle combination cleanser and toner should help to stop your skin from drying out in the cold – important when you’re struggling to the shops in the teeth of a gale! Likewise, an exfoliating facial scrub will help to keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout the winter.

Summertime skincare stresses

During the summer, a number of different stresses and day-to-day influences can take their toll on our skin. It’s important to look after our skin during the summer months, and the combination of heat and ultraviolet light can certainly take its toll if you’re not careful. Here are just a few of the products you ought to invest in to keep yourself safe during the summer.

  • SPF protection

    Whether you’re staying in the UK or taking a trip somewhere exotic during the summer months, it’s important to protect your skin from the effects of ultraviolet light. UV rays can damage our skin causing painful burns, discolouration and even cancer, so investing in products offering SPF protection is vital. As well as the essential sunscreens and sun cream you should look for moisturisers, lip balms and even liquid makeup containing SPF ingredients, too.

  • Cleansers and wipes

    People have all kinds of different skin types, but during the summer months it’s more likely that your skin will appear shiny and greasy than it will dry and cracked. Investing in gentle cleansers that will keep your skin clean without damaging it, while blotting paper will help to keep your natural oils under control when out and about.

  • Moisturising

    While your skin may be more likely to produce its natural oils during the warm months of summer, you still need to keep it moisturised and protected throughout the warmer months. If you’re not sure which moisturiser to use, take a look at our useful guide to moisturising for help.


The changing conditions of our seasonal climate pose numerous challenges to your skin, so managing the transition between summer and winter is crucial if you want to keep your complexion looking attractive and feeling healthy. Take a look at the range of branded cosmetic products available on our website or browse through our Beauty Talk blog for more cosmetic hints and tips!



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