Direct Cosmetics’ five-step guide to perfect party nails

ManicureIn case you hadn’t noticed, 2016 is racing ahead, and women across the country are pampering and preparing themselves to go out and make a splash at cocktail events, office dos and get togethers week after week. The majority of people will have thought long and hard about the best outfits and cosmetic routines to help them stand out at such events, but fewer will have spared the same consideration for their nails. Good nail care can help to reinvigorate your look and pull together a well thought-out ensemble, but it does take a little preparation. Here are five easy steps to get your nails looking party-perfect in no time!

  1. Prepare and protect

    Most women have moisturising hand creams that help to keep the skin on their hands soft and smooth, but what of the nails themselves? Your nails need to be protected and pampered just as much as your skin, or else they can be prone to flaking, chipping and splitting. Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E cuticle oil contains vitamins and nutrients essential for healthy nail growth, while Complete Care 4-in 1 Treatment will help to keep your nails hard and robust, no matter how young or old they may be, or how harshly you treat them!

  1. Shape and file

    Your nails will never look their best unless you take the time out to shape them properly. The classic curved nail shape may look traditionally attractive but filing the sides can cause the nails to ingrow, so square the ends off instead. Use a cuticle trimmer to remove the dead skin around the ends of your fingers and leave you nails looking clean, simple and attractive. When filing, remember to use one-directional strokes rather than a sawing motion to avoid causing additional damage to your nails.

  1. Looking buff –

    If it’s party nails you’re looking for, you need to pull out all the stops. Buffing can help to prevent the cracking and splitting of your nails as well as improving their appearance, so it’s a good habit to get into. Most buffers come with three different surfaces of varying coarseness, so buff both the surface of your nail and the leading edge with each grade in turn, resulting in a shiny, glossy finish.

  1. First coat

    Dark, highly saturated polish shades can stain your nails, preventing you from getting the ideal look next time around. To avoid this happening, apply a base coat first, using either a clear or a white polish to prevent the brighter shade from coming into contact with the nail itself. When using a white base coat, apply a red shade over the top and leave just the tip of the nail white for a striking party look.

  1. Polish it off

    Finally, it’s time for you to slap on the perfect party polish. You want to make an impact so pick a shade that’s going to stand out – deep reds, lustrous golds and glittery blues are all ideal shades to help you turn heads at a party. You should be looking to coat the whole nail with just three strokes of the applicator in order to get the best finish – just remember to pick a colour that sits well with your outfit on the night!

Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to nail the perfect party look, why not have a browse through our full range of budget nail products? Don’t forget to share our tips with your friends if you found them useful!




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