A guide to using your concealer effectively

young woman apply concealer under the eyeWe’ve all had those days when we wake up, look in the mirror, and sigh at how our heavy partying or late nights in the office have taken its toll on our complexion. Dark circles appear under our eyes, angry red spots caused by 1am takeaways and work-related stress crop up in various places, and our cheeks reveal obvious red patches caused by one too many drinks. Fortunately, for us girls, we need only reach into our makeup bags for a little help to disguise our hectic lifestyles; thank heavens for concealer! The right kind of concealer, used in the correct way, can help cover and camouflage just about any blemish or imperfection, you just need to know what you’re doing!

There are about four zones on your face that require concealing, and are often concealed more effectively using a variety of concealers, which you can find in our online cosmetic shop at great prices. In this article, we’ll talk you through each problem area, and how best to ‘camouflage’ it!

Under the eyes

The under eye bags and dark circles are something most women suffer from. They can be brought on it made to appear worse when we are not following a healthy diet, not getting enough sleep, or stressed, so it’s no wonder we almost always wake up with them! The most important thing to remember when attempting to conceal them is that your goal is to make your eyes look brighter. Therefore, you’ll want to use a brightening liquid concealer that is oil-based, in order to hydrate and moisturise your eyes, bringing them back to life. Use a very soft sponge to apply gently and generously, right up to the corners of your eyes. It is always best to go a fraction of a shade lighter than your skintone when it comes to choosing the right concealer, as you are likely to then go on to apply foundation and bronzer, and won’t want to create a look that is too dark for you. After applying your concealer, brush over to soften with a sheer powder.

-For a light and bright moisturising concealer, try Burberry Sheer Concealer Luminous.

Scars and dark spots

Scars are obviously far harder to cover, but you can certainly soften and disguise them to make them almost unnoticeable. You’ll need a heavier correcting concealer to help you cover these areas, as it will contain less liquid and will therefore last longer. A lifting concealer applied on top of this will also make any dark spots or scars lighter, and this you can apply as much as you need to help the colour appear similar to the rest of your complexion. You should apply the heavier concealer with a brush so that you are better able to cover the area completely, but the lifting concealer is often best done with a finger, so you can be most gentle. Try to blend the two carefully but dabbing around the edges so that it eventually blends in, before covering with translucent powder to help it set.

Pesky red spots

Don’t you just hate those spots that appear out of nowhere at the most inconvenient times? The last thing you need is to have your confidence knocked right before a date or interview, so make sure it isn’t, by cracking out the concealer! Again, a liquid concealer is best for this, as it will give you good coverage to conceal the red surrounding area. The trick is to make is fade into the rest of your skin, so use a circle motion, starting from the centre of the spot and working your way out. A concealer stick on top of this will help to give extra coverage, and is good if the spot is particularly raised. On top of this you should apply your usual makeup, taking extra care when applying over this sensitive area.

Uneven skintone

Sometimes, your skin just won’t do what you ask of it! You can apply all the cleansers and toners you like, but when you get out of the shower, your face just doesn’t look as supple and smooth as you would like it to. At these times, it is best to go for all-over coverage! Often, girls will take to their foundation to help cover up an uneven skintone, but this is a mistake. A water-based, illuminating concealer will be a lot thinner and lighter than your foundation, and kinder to your skin. Simply dab a pea-sized amount into the palm of your hand, and meet with an equal amount of moisturiser, rub the two together and massage into your face, avoiding your eyebrows. On top of this, a light dusting of powder or bronzer should create an even, flawless effect.

Well, we think that just about covers it (get it?). Remember, we’re constantly updating our blog with beauty guides and advice you can take on board to achieve the on-trend looks you’re after, so be sure you check in every once in a while! You can also find all the cosmetics you need on the Direct Cosmetics website, at fantastic, affordable prices.



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