Six of the world’s most bizarre perfumes

At the Direct Cosmetics online store, you’ll find almost every brand of perfume you can think of – from celebrity fragrances to high-end designer names. There’s something to suit every budget and every taste – and all at unbelievable prices.

Now, although we brag about the variety of perfumes we stock, there are some incredibly niche fragrances that are a little too weird for our tastes! These bizarre perfumes actually exist – and at some point in recent history, they were (or are) on sale to the general public. Which of these perfumes could you imagine wearing?

#1 Stilton Cheese

In 2006, the Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association commissioned the production of a Stilton cheese perfume. The finished product was said to have notes of angelica, clary sage and yarrow, with a distinctive earthy aroma – supposedly it was inspired by the cheese, rather than smelling of stilton itself, but the blue-veined bottle must have been rather off-putting.

#2 Wode Paint by Boudicca

If you’re interested in perfumes that are experimental rather than downright bizarre, check out Wode. This came in two versions, a scent, and a ‘paint’. Yep, that’s right – you’d spray the fragrance and not just enjoy the scent – you’d also be splattered with blue paint (woad). The paint does fade after a few minutes, however. Although this perfume has won some good reviews, the concept doesn’t seem to have caught on yet!

#3 Trump fragrances

Donald Trump has put his name to pretty much everything – including a handful of fragrances. In case you were wondering, they’re men’s fragrances called Empire, Success, and simply ‘Donald Trump’. This might be harmless in the US, but in the UK, a perfume with ‘TRUMP’ stamped across it brings to mind a scent that’s less than pleasant…

#4 Flame-Grilled by Burger King Japan

In March 2015, Burger King Japan announced that they’d be releasing a limited edition fragrance called ‘Flame-Grilled’ – it would go on sale for one day only: April 1st. Astonishingly, the company actually followed through with this April Fool – Burger King customers in Japan could actually buy the fragrance on the day(and claim a free Whopper in the process). Reviewers stated that the perfume was ‘unspeakably terrible’ and didn’t even smell like a burger. See also: Burger King’s Flame body spray.

#5 Funeral Home by Demeter

Demeter are a US fragrance company which sells completely normal scents – and also a handful of bizarre fragrances that draw in plenty of clicks to their website. Their work includes Play-Doh, pizza, glue and dirt perfumes, but perhaps the oddest scent they sell is their Funeral Home fragrance. This floral perfume has notes of carnation, lily and chrysanthemum – bringing back ‘wonderful’ memories of times spent at funerals. This perfume is a little too macabre for us.

#6 Garage by Comme des Garcons

Japanese brand Comme des Garcons are known for their unconventional fragrances, but occasionally they take a concept a bit too far. Garage is a fragrance inspired by the smells of, well, a working garage. If you want to smell of motor oils, industry and grease, this is the scent for you.

The above fragrances certainly have a niche appeal – but for the vast majority of us, conventional fragrances contain more than enough variety for us to be going on with! If you’re after some fragrances that are a little more bearable than Flame-Grilled and Stilton, check out some great deals on fragrances at the Direct Cosmetics webstore, and visit our clearance section to find some astonishing discounts on top perfumes.



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