Three annoying winter beauty problems: solved

Winter sun II.jpgWinter – it’s not kind to your skin. Cold weather, low humidity and icy winds take their toll on your face, hands and hair and your usual beauty routines aren’t getting you anywhere. Even if you insulate yourself from the elements, the hot air blasting from radiators will only dry out your skin further. In today’s blog post, the Direct Cosmetics team tackle three common winter beauty problems and how to cure them…

Chapped lips

Few of us look after our lips as well as the rest of skin. You may not moisturise them often, and you probably forget to use SPF lip products in the summer to protect them from UV rays. The result? Dry, chapped lips. When we feel our lips are drying out, it’s a natural reaction to lick them more often – and that damages them too! Dry lips turn to chapped lips which can lead to infections and sores. Look after your chapped lips – don’t be tempted to pick at the dry skin, and use a gentle rub of sugar with water or honey to carefully exfoliate flaky skin. Use a waxy, moisturising lip balm every day (and before bed), but avoid menthol (mint) based products – even though they provide instant pain relief, they may irritate your lips further and prevent healing in the long run. Additionally, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy fats to help your skin recover.

Dry skin

Similarly, exposure to the elements isn’t great for the rest of your skin. Winter isn’t the time for lightweight moisturisers or skimping on other parts of your skincare routine. Evaluate the products you use every day – try to ditch products containing essential oils such as lavender or peppermint and also any items with sodium lauryl sulphate. In their place, add richer moisturisers containing ingredients such as argan oil and vitamin C. Ensure you exfoliate frequently. Try to avoid taking long, hot baths or showers as they’ll strip oils from your skin and dry it out quickly. If you’re still struggling with dry skin, consider purchasing a humidifier to add some moisture to the air in your house.

Frizzy, dry hair

If your hair is normally prone to dryness, you’ll know that the winter weather only makes it worse. For those of us with curly or wavy hair, it’s even more of a problem. Up the hydration in your haircare routine during wintry periods. If possible, try to reduce your shampoo usage (most shampoos strip natural oils from your hair and dry it out more quickly), or at least switch to a hydrating shampoo. Deep condition your hair once a week to lock in moisture.

Dry hair is also prone to static – particularly when you’re removing a cosy bobble hat! To limit the chance of static hair this winter, use a comb or brush with metal teeth or bristles instead of plastic – the metal acts as a conductor.

So, to conclude – at this time of year the weather’s out to get you! Switch up your beauty routines to add moisture and nourish your skin and hair. Oh, and if you’re short of any hair or beauty products, you know where to find the best brands at great prices…



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