Eleven inspirational quotes from style and beauty icons

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Six of the world’s most bizarre perfumes

At the Direct Cosmetics online store, you’ll find almost every brand of perfume you can think of – from celebrity fragrances to high-end designer names. There’s something to suit every budget and every taste – and all at unbelievable prices.

Now, although we brag about the variety of perfumes we stock, there are some incredibly niche fragrances that are a little too weird for our tastes! These bizarre perfumes actually exist – and at some point in recent history, they were (or are) on sale to the general public. Which of these perfumes could you imagine wearing? Continue reading

Three annoying winter beauty problems: solved

Winter sun II.jpgWinter – it’s not kind to your skin. Cold weather, low humidity and icy winds take their toll on your face, hands and hair and your usual beauty routines aren’t getting you anywhere. Even if you insulate yourself from the elements, the hot air blasting from radiators will only dry out your skin further. In today’s blog post, the Direct Cosmetics team tackle three common winter beauty problems and how to cure them…

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