The Direct Cosmetics Mother’s Day gift guide 2016

ca0a3-mothersdayMother’s Day comes early this year – on March 6th mothers across the UK will be treated to spa days, lavish meals out, and some fabulous gifts from their children! With only a matter of days until March 6th comes around, it’s time to start preparing presents for her. No idea where to start? The Direct Cosmetics Mother’s Day gift guide is filled with plenty of inspiration so that you can make sure mum gets the perfect present!

Fragrance fix

Has your mum been wearing the same fragrance for years or even decades? She may well expect (and want) her kids to treat her to a top-up of her fave fragrance on Mother’s Day, but if you plan carefully, you can choose a different fragrance for her that takes into account her preferred scents but updates them for 2016! Make a note of the dominant notes in her usual perfume, and use the internet to search for other fragrances with those notes – again, Fragrantica is a top resource for perfume lovers, and you’ll quickly find a selection of promising fragrances. Alternatively, if your mum’s perfume is a little heavy for the upcoming summer months, a fresh summer fragrance makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Look for green, fresh and citrus notes – sure signs of a lighter perfume.

Pamper and de-stress

Few of us have the perfect work-life balance. If your mum works hard and would like a little more ‘me time’, treat her to some relaxing beauty products such as candles, bubble bath, bath salts or body scrubs. Lavender, mint, cinnamon and citrus are all scents that most of us tend to find comforting or relaxing, but no doubt your mum has her own preferences. We recommend these cute heart-shaped scented candles from Heathcote and Ivory, and Morris & Co.’s patchouli, orange and lavender bath crystals.

Luxurious skincare

This Mother’s Day is the ideal time to treat your mum to some high-end luxury skincare products that she always talked about trying out. Check out Astalift, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal and more brands to see which products would fit nicely into your mum’s current skincare routine. These products don’t have to be pricey – if you check through the Direct Cosmetics site, you may be surprised at the savings you can find on these top skincare brands.

Something practical

If your mum’s vocal about her preference of practical gifts, don’t resort to a new ironing board cover or a set of saucepans! Instead, why not treat her to something that combines her love of makeup, fragrances and other beauty products with something that appeals to her practical side? We mean makeup bags, brushes, hair accessories, tote shopping bags and sunglasses – to name but a few. When your mum opens these gifts, she’ll exclaim “I really needed that!” Practical presents might not bring the same thrill as luxury makeup or fragrances, but they’ll certainly be appreciated.

Has this blog post given you some ideas for Mother’s Day presents? That’s great – get your skates on and head over to the Direct Cosmetics store to find the perfect beauty gift for your mum! Be quick – all the products we mentioned in this post are in high demand, and you’ll want to check our delivery info to ensure your gift arrives in good time, ready for wrapping.



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