Last minute Valentine’s Day beauty gift ideas for her

1 - St Valentine's cosmeticsIt barely seems a fortnight since Christmas, but Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you haven’t yet planned anything for your partner, there’s no time to waste! The Direct Cosmetics team can’t book the restaurant or deliver the flowers for you, but we can help you with one part of the occasion: finding some fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts for her that won’t break the bank!

We’ve put together a variety of winning beauty gift ideas that’ll surely be met with a smile on February 14th. Place your order quickly if you want it to arrive before Valentine’s Day!

Fancy fragrances

Perfumes – an ever reliable gift that almost everyone loves receiving. Fragrances are personal, romantic and luxurious! If you want to treat your partner to a new perfume this Valentine’s Day, your best starting point is her favourite fragrance. From here, give it a Google and find out its dominant notes and fragrance family – look for words such as ‘floral’, ‘green’, or ‘oriental’. Now search for fragrances with similar qualities. Here are some recommendations:

If you aren’t sure about your partner’s favourite fragrance, it’s a little trickier to know where to start! Green and oceanic fragrances tend to be lighter than others, so they’re often a safe bet, whereas gourmand and fruity fragrances may be more polarising.

Makeup mavens

If your partner is a self-proclaimed makeup addict, treating them to a well-chosen cosmetics product or gift set is a winning Valentine’s Day present idea. If you get the chance, have a sneaky delve through their makeup bag to see if any of their favourite products are running low and in need of a replacement. If you’re unsure about which specific products to buy, look for the top brands – Max Factor, L’Oreal, Rimmel, or Estee Lauder to name a few. Avoid buying foundation, concealer or powder – lipstick or eyeshadow make for far more interesting gifts!

Something extra special

If you want to spend a little extra for Valentine’s Day this year, premium beauty gifts are the obvious route to go down. If you want to spend so much on a gift, you better make sure your partner will like it! Subtle questions about your partner’s preferred brands and products will get you off to a good start. Look at premium brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry.

Something for the summer

On Valentine’s Day, spring is just around the corner – and your thoughts may already be turning to your summer holiday! If you’ve discussed holiday plans with your partner, why not start the booking process as a surprise? At the very least, begin researching hotels or holiday properties in your chosen destination. Now, on Valentine’s Day, print off tickets, booking confirmations, or simply pictures of the hotel or destination you had in mind. Place them inside a gift box, cover with tissue paper and buy some travel-size toiletries, cosmetics and other summery beauty products on top! This cute gift idea will surely make Valentine’s Day one to remember.

If you’re after beauty gifts for your partner this Valentine’s Day, see what the Direct Cosmetics store has to offer. Don’t forget to check out our delivery details to ensure your gift makes it to you on time!



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